Sunday, August 31, 2008

Traffic Building Methods All The Experts Use Online

Would you like to make money by just writing and distributing your article online? Then, this article is for you. In here, you’ll be able to discover the incredible ways on how you can cash-in from article marketing.

1. If you are an ebusiness owner, you can use article marketing as your traffic-generating and product promotional tool. You can attract more people to visit your website by giving them valuable information that they will find interesting to their lives. You may also write about your products and services, highlight their features and benefits so you can entice more people to buy from you. By doing so, you’ll easily be able to popularize your website and augment your sales leads without burning your pockets.

2. You can also use article marketing if you are an affiliate marketer. As you know, you will need to showcase your expertise on your chosen niche so people will trust you and buy from you. You may write informative articles regarding your chosen niche and distribute them to different publishing sites. You can then post the URL of your product page to make it much easier for people to make a purchase should they become interested on what you sell.

3. If you are a freelance writer, you can do ghostwriting jobs for those marketers who do not have the time nor the patience to sit in front of their computers all day. You can write their articles and post them on submission sites. Depending on the topic, required word count, required research, and the number of sites that you need to post the articles to, you can charge your clients anywhere from $8-$12 per article.

4. Whether you are an ebusiness owner, an affiliate marketer, or a ghostwriter, you will be able to boost your earnings from this endeavor if you can multiply the number of your articles. This will lead to more quality traffic, improved page ranking, more sales and revenue, and an instant expert status online so you can lure more people to do business with you.

5. Bank on the quality of your articles. You need to remember that you will not possibly succeed and eventually make money online from this endeavor if your articles are poorly written. To get the most of out it, ensure that your articles are all content-rich, useful, informative, and well-written. This will allow you to generate enormous attention online.

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