Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Grow Your Online Business Through Article Marketing

Article marketing is the perfect offpage optimization tool. Unlike other link building campaigns, this tool will allow you to generate more inbound links for your website without emailing or convincing established webmasters to link with you. You just have to write articles that conform to the rules and regulations of various publishing sites and you’ll be able to obtain backlinks in no time. Yes, it’s that easy! This is the reason why more and more marketers are using this tool. Currently, this is best method that you can use in driving quality traffic to your website, improving your page ranking, and augmenting your sales leads.

Here are the 3 practical ways to grow your article marketing:

1. Write for your readers. To generate more attention online, ensure that all the elements you are using are geared toward impressing your readers. You must offer these people with valuable and relevant content that they will find useful in their lives. Then, you must communicate your knowledge using their preferred writing style, writing format, and choice of words so you can easily get your message across. You must also ensure that your articles are short (because online users have limited attention span), scannable, direct to the point, and concise.

2. Write for your business. You need to always remember that the main reason why you are distributing your articles online is to drive quality traffic to your website and increase your sales potential. So, pick topics that are closely related to your line of business or those topics that will allow you to talk about your products and services (without resorting to blatant ads). You may also touch on topics that will strengthen your expert status online so you can get more people to trust you.

3. Write for the search engines. Search engines are undoubtedly the best sources of traffic. If you want your articles to be easily found online, you need to make sure that they are keyword-rich. Start by doing a keyword research to identify the most popular search terms within your chosen niche. List them down and create articles for each. Ensure that you sprinkle the popular keywords all throughout your content (title, first and last 100 words of your content, article body, article summary, and on your resource box) and that you follow the appropriate keyword density which is 3% of your total word count.

How to make money online and grow your online business.


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