Sunday, October 12, 2008

Carael Knight - I Am The Internet CEO

A lot of people don't really understand what it means to be crowned as the internet ceo. I have dedicated my life to learning everything there is to know about marketing on the internet. I have been doing this for over ten years now and have "earned my stripes". Feel free to google me, "Carael Knight". You will see for yourself that I am the truth. I have paid my dues ten times over............

Internet marketing is all about exposure

You see, what I have learned over the years in marketing online is you have to build exposure. Exposure equals traffic and traffic equals money. It is this simple. The more traffic you build over time, the more money you will make. The biggest advantage marketing online have is you can make a ton of money (especially on a monthly basis). A lot of people may find this hard to believe but nowadays this is the truth.

How to build a lot of exposure online fast!

In my experience, the biggest and best way to build exposure is to submit articles to leading article directories such as,, etc. There are so many article directories that are floating around and to choose from. If you like, I have partnered with a ("top secret") massive article submission directory that will generate a MASSIVE amount of one-way backlinks to your site fairly quickly! We're talking like about 20,000 - 30,000 in a two to three month time period! It really is amazing.

Would like me to do this service for you??? No problem!

I charge a small "one-time" fee to perform this service for you but if you are interested in getting more information about this service, you can email me at: and let me know your interested. This service has really contributed to me generating over 1.5 million results in google for my name, Carael Knight. I absolutely love the internet and I love helping people make money online because this further enhance my exposure. I do this for the love of the internet. This is my passion as well as a god given talent. Thank you Lord!!!! I love you so much for giving me something that will help me reach out to so many people and provide an opportunity for me as well as others to make a lot of money online! Ha!

This has been a message from The Internet CEO, Carael Knight and I'll see you at the top!