Monday, November 22, 2010

The Money Flow IS out here America!!!!!!!

Even though the economy is in disaster, people are STILL making and raking in money (LOTS of it)!

Well, keep in mind that "money is NEVER lost, it is ONLY transferred"........

Really think about this.............

Everyday when you wake up, you will spend money on "something" and make someone richer! When you go purchase a product from a store, you make someone richer. When you go get a hamburger/cheeseburger, you make someone richer, etc....! Get my drift? But the point is, if your going to be spending money then why not be making some too?! This is how the rich think. They are consumers AND sellers too! Poor people are just consumers. Poor people spend, spend, and spend with nothing coming back in to fill their pockets back up.

In order to become wealthy in America, you have to put yourself in a position to recieve it, first! The biggest difference between the rich and the poor is simply "financial education". Rich people are financially educated and know how to successfully leverage their money. You cannot get rich off working a job (9 to 5) for *wages* more so than you can for *profits*. Focus on building your money through leveraging it. 95 percent of the world don't understand the concept of accumulating wealth and power of it because "they don't want to see it"! The rich (movers and shakers of the world) IS using what YOU don't see against you so "GET FINANCIALLY EDUCATED" and join the fun.......


Here is some more extensive information on how I personally leveraged the internet to build my company, MajorEnterprise from the ground up..........

- The Internet CEO

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Internet CEO - Independent Internet Marketing

From The Internet Independent to Mainstream Publicity:

Thats right folks! Book Release Date COMING SOON, Endorsements, Talk Shows, etc.....I'm ALL over the internet and making NOISE! I'm coming all the way from Pensacola Florida and definitely on my independent grind! A man can't stop your shine when you constantly at it! You just have to keep building up your momentum till you get your NEXT big break! It been a looooong time coming but I'm on my way to the TOP America.......

I have been independent internet marketing for well over 13 years now. From the Youtube Videos, Articles, Blogging, etc.. its only a matter of time before the world WILL recognize who The Internet CEO is! When it comes to marketing on the internet its all about building links and content. Traffic, traffic, traffic is the name of the game in order to build a reputable brand name and a viable business!

OVER 100 Anticipated Youtube Videos BEFORE 2011!!!! Lets Get it America..............

The Internet CEO Videos

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Internet CEO - OVER 100 Anticipated YouTube Videos

Thats right fans, family, and of my goals is to have OVER 100 YouTube Videos BEFORE the year 2011!!!! Since I have been marketing online independently for well over 13 years with various marketing platforms such as writing seo articles, videos, blogging, social media as well as link & traffic building. The Internet marketing world is always changing so that is why we have to stay current with the times.

Some of the benefits of Youtube Videos

Youtube videos is one of the biggest and best ways to get discovered and promote yourself, your brand, your company independently. Another benefit is leveraging the videos because once they are uploaded, they are then further syndicated to various of other video sites (viral video marketing). On the internet, its all about building bridges (links/traffic) coming to and from your site. By utilizing these few of many techniques, you will find that your website will start to rank higher and higher over a period of time and become a viable online business model....

The internet is so "wide-open", literally everybody is marketing themselves with Youtube Videos! For example, you can go to right now and see someone that simply recorded themselves just talking about their dog and generating over a million views, thats a LOT of exposure for simply talking about a dog!!! This is why we have to really become educated as online business owners and utilize things like Youtube to leverage our online businesses......

The Internet CEO Videos

- The Internet CEO

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Internet CEO - From The Internet Independent to Mainstream Publicity

Building traffic is the number #1 thing that most online business owners lack. Some of the best ways to build a massive amount of traffic to your site is thinking outside the box. One way is to write optimized articles that have a pretty sufficient amount of keywords in them. So in other words, make sure that whatever keyword or phrase that you are trying to rank high in the search engines and build traffic for, it needs to be listed multiple times.

Another way to market your brand to your target audience is to do videos of yourself with a link pointing back to your site. Anything you do, you need to make sure that your marketing efforts are congruent with your marketing strategy. The best to do this is to simply "cross-promote". Cross promoting is a way for your target market to reach you at all angles.

From the internet independent to mainstream publicity:

The internet and independent internet marketing is like the foundation. Once you can build up enough of a buzz on your own independently online, then you can take this offline. Some may say that the internet is not really mainstream compared to radio and television but either way it go, both are effective in helping you to build your fanbase properly and profitably.

Majorenterprise was built solely off of "links and content". With over 200,000 viewers since 2001', this has been an incredible accomplishment. From the articles, blogs, videos, audios and all other archives that I personally post to promote the brand, all of these helps......

The Internet CEO

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Internet CEO - The Virtual Millionaire

A virtual millionaire is a person who does not have a million dollars accumulated but has a million dollar lifestyle and mindset. A virtual millionaire is one of the best kinds of millionaires and easiest ways of becoming a millionaire. You can become a virtual millionaire in less than twelve months. Since cash flow is king, you want your money coming in a lot faster than it is going out. The idea is to have your money coming in two times, three times, four times, even ten times as fast than it is going out......

Becoming a Virtual Millionaire:

If you had a million dollars invested at 6% percent, the million dollars would give you $60,000 a year in cash flow, without ever touching the million dollars (6 percent of a million dollars is $60,000). If you divide that $60,000 into twelve months, that would give you $5,000 a month. So if you had a million dollars invested at 6% percent you could definitely live off of that interest. It would pay you $60,000 a year. Even though you would be a millionaire, your millionaire lifestyle would mean you wouldn't have to work! You'd net about $60,000 a year. Thats a million dollar a year lifestyle.

What I call a virtual millionaire is someone who builds a business that produces at least $5,000 a month for them that they don't work for. When you have a business that generates $5,000 a month in passive income, that's when you are a virtual millionaire! You see, its all about "building businesses". Its all about building "asset based businesses". Business where they are ran off a system.

I want you to have a goal to figure out how to build asset based businesses. Having an internet company is one of the best businesses (if not the best) you can have to produce a consistent cash flow. Any business that does not require your presence while producing income is passive income.

The Internet CEO

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Internet Is A GoldMine!!!

The internet is a huge goldmine for anyone who would like to make money online with their new or existing business(s). Having an internet business is like having a 24 hour casino that pumps money from visitors all over the world. The biggest advantage with a website is you can market to a massive audience and can become a millionaire overnight, yes and I mean literally! The internet is producing more and more millionaires everyday. I've seen it happen!

All you have to do is set up your website properly, have some type of way to make money from it and get the traffic to it. I mean a LOT of traffic! Thats it! There are a lot of business owners who make this principle harder than what it really should be. The hardest thing about making money online is simply NOT having enough traffic. Marketing is everything in any business and all you have to do is find ways of letting people know that you exist......

For example:

Lets say that you have a product to sell on your website for just $10. Thats right, just $10 measly bucks. Now lets say that you manage to get about 20 visitors a day (this is extremely low considering there are millions upon millions of people who surf the internet everyday) to your site, and you do about 30% in sales. Now thats 20 visitors a day times 30% in sales = 6 sales a day. Now take 6 sales a day times $10 (sale price of product) and that equals 60 bucks a day! Finally take the $60 bucks a day times 30 days in a month and thats $1800 in extra income a month!!! After a while those numbers add up tremendously once you build more and more traffic to your website which I show you how to do here.....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Internet CEO - I'm All Over The Internet

Yes, thats right! I'm all over the internet. From blogging, to Facebook, to Myspace, to linkedin, to twitter! I'm an independent internet marketing powerhouse! Feel free to Google Me: Carael Knight or The Internet CEO and follow my story towards success. My main goal for this year is to continue to build my fanbase online for the anticipation of my first National book coming soon later this year!!! It is basically an inspirational autobiography of my life and how I went from the internet independent to attracting mainstream publicity. I have been showing people all over the world how to start multi-million dollar businesses online through effective marketing platforms since 99' and have not stopped since. I will be doing a lot of cross promoting with the book as well as with the internet marketing sector so once fans purchase the book, they can also go online and get a lot of free tools, strategies and information that will help them grow their new or existing businesses.

I truly feel like the biggest and most effective marketing strategy that a business owner can have is "word of mouth" advertising. Also with the power of the internet, you can create your own type of "word of mouth" through seo, writing articles, blogging, and simply just through creativity. You have to thick outside the box in order to become successful. You have to create something unique and different that sets your brand name apart from the rest of the pack........

For more updates, free articles, and special news, check out my website:


- Carael "The Internet CEO" Knight

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Recession Proof" Your Income

How can someone sustain their income in a weak economy????

The best way to "recession proof" your income is to simply have multiple sources of income. The main reason why people live "playcheck to playcheck" is because they only have that one source. Creating multiple sources of income is simplistic but at the same time, difficult. In my experience, what I have learned to do is supplement my income through the internet. For example, one way that I supplement my income online is through affiliate marketing. For those of you that are "newbies" to this terminology, affiliate marketing is simply marketing other people's products/services and recieving a hefty commission. Affiliate marketing can be one of the best ways to supplement your income because you don't have much overhead and you can attain huge profit margins.

Another way to "recession proof" your income is through creating your own type of product to sell online/offline to your desired target market. For example, I've created a tangible book that will be coming out later this year. Be on the lookout for it in your local retail book stores Nationwide. But to make a long story short, the point is to have something valuable you can present to the marketplace for profit. All of the self-made millionaires understand this concept. If you want to become a millionaire, you must learn the art of marketing and sales. Sales are for profits while working a job is to increase wages.........

For more information on how to Recession Proof Yor Income, click here