Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Multiply Your Article Marketing And Make Money Online

Most marketers are looking for ways on how they can multiply the benefits that they are getting from article marketing so they can easily grow their ebusiness. They would like to generate more quality traffic, obtain higher page ranking, and increase their sales and revenue in the process. If you are one of them, you will find this article very helpful as it contains the 4 rewarding ways that can help you multiply your article marketing and make more money online:

1. Quality and volume of your articles. To attract more favorable attention online, you need to ensure that your articles are of high-quality. They must be well-written, packed with valuable and useful information, relevant to the needs and demands of your potential clients, and they must be closely related to your chosen niche. It would also help if you can multiply the number of your articles. You may produce and submit at least 10 articles per day so you can easily boost the number of your inbound links and strengthen your expert status online.

2. Make your articles keyword-rich. Your articles, no matter how many or how well they were written, will remain unread if they are virtually impossible to find online. You can make your copies fare well on relevant searches by loading them up with popular keywords within your chosen niche. Your main keywords must be found on your titles, article body, first and last paragraph of your articles, on your article summary, and on your resource box. You must know how to follow appropriate keyword density so you will not be tagged as a keyword spammer.

3. Use attention-grabbing titles. You can easily increase your open rate by using titles that can attract and excite your potential readers. You must know how to communicate the gist of your content through your titles so online users will know upfront what’s in it for them. It would also help if you can make use of words that can instantly spark interest like “revealed”, “breakthrough”, “rewarding”, etc.

4. Bank on your resource box. Get more people to click on your website/squeeze page’s URL by making your resource box sound enticing and attractive. You may opt to tell your would-be visitors upfront the kind of information they can expect to get or you can offer them with exciting freebies like short ebooks and short reports.

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