Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Internet CEO - The Secret to Wealth


The Best way to Expand our level of awareness is to get financially educated....

The difference between a person who earns $150,000 a year verses a person who earns $150,000 a month is solely based awareness. The ONLY reason why the person earns $150K a year is because "they are not aware" that they can earn $150K a month. Most people are financially declined because they are not educated on the subject and don't understand how money works......

The Secret to Wealth is really NO secret at all, you just need to get "financially educated". There are a LOT of people in America who are very well educated BUT they are NOT "financially" educated and because of this, this is why they struggle financially. Yes, they may have the "college degrees" and all of the traditional school educated but yet when it comes to money and wealth, they are suffering tremendously, why is that?!

Well first of all, the root of becoming financially educated starts with personal development. Once you begin to work harder on yourself than you do on your job, then you will gradually see the change taking place. Another thing you must learn about is "marketing and sales" because the wealthy understands that becoming extremely wealthy has EVERYTHING to do with "sales and marketing". I can remember one of the GREAT mentors that I studied about have said, "If you want to be very wealthy and successful, learn all you can on personal development, sales and marketing"! Also learn the difference between profits verses wages. Wages (9 to 5'ers) makes people a living but profits (business owners) however makes people a fortune, huge difference!

The Secret to Wealth

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How is my Tangible Book, "The Heart of a CEO" Doing???

A LOT of people ask me from time to time, "how is *The Heart of a CEO* doing" but honestly, "The Heart of a CEO" is just an "extra" project that I will SOON be using to attain mainstream recognition with. Since I have been independent internet marketing for well over 14 years now way before the book was created, I could just stay independent and remain "behind the scenes" so to speak but I have decided that it really is "mandatory" that I go public/mainstream in order to take the book to the next level!

These are the two main reasons why going Public/Mainstream with "The Heart of a CEO" is a must for me, The Internet CEO:

#1. I have an obligation to my mother "Latonya Knight" who deceased at the age of 49 due to Ovarian Cancer to continue to uphold her honor and legacy.....


#2. I have another obligation to the next/younger generation to give them hope.
(It is impeccable that I give something back to the next generation because they are the future and they need MORE role models to motivate, educate and inspirate them to become extraordinary)

The Internet have always been a Cash Cow!

You know, its a LOT of money to be made on the internet (multiple ways) through having just a simple website, an idea and a little creativity alone.

Here are some other various things that I personally do (and YOU can do too) to generate independent income online:

- Sell/Promote E-books (Electronic Books)
(E-books have some of the *HIGHEST* Profit Margins than ANYTHING else sold online! Online business owners consistently rake in thousands a month off of e-books!)

- Promote other people's Tangible Products/Services
(Become an affiliate marketer and make money strictly off commission)

- Google Adsense Revenue
(Google Adsense is simply a way to generate income online where visitors come to your site and click on Google Ads and when they do, Google will pay you a commission. You don't have to sell anything to make money with Google Adsense but you can make a LOT of money if you have a sufficient amount of traffic coming to your website......)

This should give you a general idea (just to name a few things) of the income potential on the world wide web. The main focus of an online entreprenuer is traffic! Thats right America, you will need to generate a LOT of traffic in order to produce sales, commissions, and revenue. Once you have a concrete business model in place, you will be making a substantial amount of income over a period of time. Also one of the biggest things about having a successful internet business is you are building an annuity that will pay you for many, many years to come. Residual/passive income is one of the BEST incomes to have in America because you steady recieve royalty/commission checks way after you have stopped promoting your business.......

Order the "Profitable Business in a Box" if you would like to start a sustainable and lucrative home based business online.

- The Internet CEO

Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online Now.........

Thats right America! This is what I specialize in and show ordinary, everyday people how to do. My credentials speak for itself (Google Me...). But hey listen, you would like to learn how to make money online right??? Well, smart move and I know a LOT of you would truly LOVE to have a profitable business on the internet but just don't know how or where to start. Well, this is where I come in at. I must warn you though, it DOES take a little work, NOTHING valuable comes overnight. However, if you are teachable and open-minded, then I can definately help you and "lead you to the water" so to speak......

Are YOU scared to learn how to successfully make money online???

Well, what I have came to realize about a lot of people is, they are actually SCARED to make money online (especially from an already established business model). Believe it or not, its true! Some people have reached a comfortablility zone to where they are satisfied with mediocrity. If thats you then truthfully, it wouldn't be best to continue reading and you can go ahead and disregard this valuable information. My goal and entire focus point is strictly designed to help like-minded individuals from all over the world to become entreprenuers and self-made millionaires.

Look at it this way America:

- YOU are NOT getting any younger......

- Gas prices are drasticallty RISING........

- Jobs are plummeting and FAST!

So, let me ask you, what are your financial plans for the future???

Do you have any money saved in case of an emergency???

If you don't have any plans to better your future financially then I would suggest you start some type of lucrative home based business. This is "realistically" the ONLY way to produce the type of long term income to live and retire off of. There are literally "thousands upon thousands" of ways to make money online but it all starts with a idea and a website. The all you have to do is get the traffic there (which I can help you do).......

Turn a YEARLY salary into a MONTHLY salary..........

You know, some people "think" that making a yearly salary in a month is "un-real" until they actually make it but after it has been accomplished before, its really nothing to maintain......

So here is what you need to do if you are *SERIOUS* about changing your financial future and starting a profitable home based business:

Order the "Profitable Business in a Box"

(This component have really helped thousands of businesses financially all over the world! All you have to do is due your due diligence and read EVERYTHING thoroughly. It is pretty self explanatory but if you still need marketing assistance, feel free to contact support.....)

- The Internet CEO

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed!!!

What does Osama Bin Laden death mean to you America???!!!

Osama Bin Laden death had a very significant impact on America! Reports show that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the thousands of deaths in the September 9/11 World Trade event. Even though al-qaeda's leader "Osama Bin Laden" have successfully been brought to justice, there are still hundreds (if not thousands) of grieving citizens that the damages have caused. Osama Bin Laden was concealed for a very long time until the United States Navy Special Ops C.I.A. conducted an international manhunt designed to apprehend "Osama Bin Laden". If you was to ask me, "The Internet CEO", the question: "What does Osama Bin Laden's death means to me, I would say 2 words: Thank God! I feel as though it is absolutely "senseless" for any man to organize a conspiracy to kill thousands of harmless people!

The organized pursuit of Osama Bin Laden's death.....

The confidential investigation of his capture took quite some time for the CIA to move in. President Obama organized a "target approach" instead of a "bomb approach". He felt that the "target approach" was more of an appropriate as well as tactical action so that he could successfully attain Osama Bin Laden body and bring him to justice. President Obama also used DNA aid to confirm his death as well. He could have used the "bomb approach" but the BIGGEST downfall with this approach would be that he wouldn't be for sure if he would have killed him. I felt as though the United States had enough evidence of his location a while ago but didn't want to let America know until the mission was completed..........

- The Internet CEO, Carael Knight

The Internet CEO

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Internet CEO - A Prolific Writer


I LOVE to read, write and embrace my mind strength in various ways throughout the internet! This has been a HUGE passion of mine for well over 14 years now. I have always tried to write from the heart. This is why I blog, write tons of articles as well as do Youtube videos to display EACH and EVERY one of my God giving talents and further my brand across the nation! Every empire has got to start out with a dream! It takes a LOT of persistent hard work and focus to become a champion in any endeavor you pursue........

A true CEO (Chief Executive Office) has GOT to have "Heart":

There have been so many times (and still trying periodic times) where I feel like giving up and completely throwing in the towel but the way I look at it is, I have came entirely too far to turn around! Plus, I feel like I have a serious obligation to uphold, not just for my late mother (Latonya Knight) who deceased due to ovarian cancer in 2005' but out of obligation for the next generation under me. We really have to lead by example. This young and upcoming generation is SO lost that its ridiculous! The media pumps so much "illusion" that it is hard to tell whats reality and what's fiction. This is why it is impeccable that we tell our triumphant stories to the world.

My Portfolio (credentials) speaks for itself America.........

So far, I have already been on the local radio stations in my hometown, (Pensacola Florida) as well as numerous of National/Regional "Syndicated and HIGH Arbitron" radio stations across the country! Even though I'm a National Independent Internet Marketing Expert/Mogul, I'm NOT the only one behind the scenes making things happen. I have a GREAT National Public Relations team behind me as well! You can NEVER become a phenominal success by yourself, you have to have a great marketing team that believes in your brand........

But even if you have all this in place, its still NO "cakewalk" on the long road to success. If there is anybody who tells you different then they are lying to you! As a true CEO, you MUST have the willpower to not only endure the struggle but embrace it. A lot of people tend to look at "JUST" the success and end result but they don't see all the long and lonely nights strategically planning, praying and evaluating paperwork/contracts. A lot of people may not know this about me, "The Internet CEO" but it took me 5 YEARS to write my tangible book called, *The Heart of a CEO*! Thats right America, and not to mention how long I have been doing this internet marketing thing! Always remember folks that, in terms of success, NOTHING is by accident! All of those success stories that you see on the big screens are the end result (destination) of a long and hard dedicated journey......

For more information on internet marketing tips, tricks, and strategies, how to make money online, my tangible book (*The Heart of a CEO*), or my website, go here:

The Internet CEO - Carael Knight

The Internet CEO Tangible Book - *The Heart of a CEO*

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Heart of a CEO - Creating Multiple Streams of Perpetual Income

How to Create Multiple Streams of Perpetual Income

The biggest and best way to create multiple streams of perpetual income is through a website. Once you have a lucrative website up and running, all you have to do is simply manage it. The biggest task at hand is not so much the building a website, its marketing it. In business, no matter what type of product or service you provide, no one will be interested if they don't even know it exist! Creating multiple streams of perpetual income is simple once you understand the fundamental principles behind "leverage". Leverage simply means when you can produce something with less. You can definately do this with a website and e-commerce! E-books (electronic books) for example sell like crazy on the internet! Statistics show that e-books are now selling MORE than traditional paperback/hardback books! It is not uncommon to generate a six figure monthly income with an e-book and a website. But there are numerous of other ways to create multiple streams of perpetual income but in my expertise, this is one of the fastest ways to do it, which is online........

I started marketing independently on the internet way before I attained mainstream publicity with "The Heart of a CEO". The Heart of a CEO is just an addition to my success story offline. It's an inspiring inspirational autobiography of my life and I have dedicated the tangible book to my late mother, Latonya Knight, who passed away at the age of forty-nine in 2005 of ovarian cancer. The greatest benefit I get from this passion of mine, is the ability to motivate, educate and inspirate individuals from all walks of life. I wanted to leave something behind (legacy) for the next generation so they will pick up where I left off...........

The Heart of a CEO

- The Internet CEO

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Heart of a CEO is Released to the Public!!!!!!

To America:

It is with great honor to present to you my National *New York Times* Best Selling book called The Heart of a CEO!!! The main focus of the tangible book is displaying "how I went from the internet independent to attaining mainstream publicity". I have came a very long way into writing this but it is NOW released!!

I have been very successful independently online but the Heart of a CEO is just an added value to my success story offline. I have dedicated the book to my late mother, Latonya Knight who passed away at the age of 49 to ovarian cancer back in 2005'. "I will always love you mother and cherish everything that you have ever done for me as well as taught me, this one is for you"!!!!!!!

The Heart of a CEO

- The Internet CEO