Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hidden Secrets And Tips To Grow Your High Ticket Products

More and more marketers are now seriously considering creating and selling their MP3s and CD series as the demands for these information products is growing exponentially. Are you one of them? Then, you’ll find this article useful as it contains the 5 hidden secrets that can help you advance with audio product creation:

1. Define your audience. It is extremely beneficial to get to know the people you are serving before you grab that microphone and do your recording. What kind of information do they require from you? What are their pressing issues? What are their needs and demands? What are their burning questions? What are the things that they would like to learn about? What put them in a position of needing your audio products? Why should they spend their money on your creations?

2. Set your products apart from the rest. Introduce new concepts or offer exciting add-ons so you can make your audio products more impacting and more interesting to the eyes of your potential clients. Do your research, listen to some CD series or MP3s online, and identify their weak points. Ensure that your clients will not see these weak points on your audio products so you can easily impress them.

3. Choose your topics wisely. Your sales will largely depend on your chosen topic. If you choose to discuss a subject that is extremely interesting to your potential clients, you can be assured that your audio products will sell like hotcakes online. It would help if you can do a keyword research when choosing your topics. This will allow you to easily figure out the search terms that are usually being used by your potential clients when they go online.

4. Research. Don’t think that you know so much about your chosen topic. It will surely not hurt if you can do your research and obtain more information from other reputable resources. In fact, this can help in making your offerings more content-rich and more informative so you can easily give your clients their money’s worth.

5. Create a script or an outline. You can make your recording well-guided if you create and make use of an outline that contains all the information that you want do discuss. By doing so, you will not waste your time remembering the things that you need to say and you will avoid long pauses or dead air.

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