Monday, December 8, 2008

Its All About Independent Internet Marketing For The Internet CEO, Carael Knight

Independent internet marketing

I have been independent internet marketing for many, many, many, years now. I'm an independent internet marketing expert. I have never waited on the major search engines to send me traffic or anyone or anything else to help me receive traffic. I built my traffic solely through independent marketing. From marketing on tons of other websites similar to mine, blogging, writing tons of articles like this one online, and basically just building my links and content. These are all means of independent internet marketing.

Independent internet marketing basically stands for the things you do to market your products or services on your own. Search engine marketing basically stands for the things you do to market your products or services on your own but along with the aid of search engine optimization marketing. Both are important and they must both be utilized together in order to successfully profit to your consumer. Through independent internet marketing and seo marketing, this will also help you understand your customer.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

For the most part, off-page is more important than on-page search engine marketing. The reason for this is because off-page search engine marketing is strictly about building backlinks to your website. If you have a lot of backlinks, your website is well on its way to ranking on the first page for your chosen keywords. Some of the best backlinks you can have is from authority websites. Authority websites are websites that are not only highly ranked in the search engines but by having just one authority link back to your website will instantly help your rankings. Most of the time, by having a backlink from just one authority site can outrank a website that have multiple links. All you have to do is focus on building relevant links and authority links with high page ranked properties.

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