Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Make Money Online With Product Funnel Creation

Creating a product funnel simply means bringing large number of online users to your website, qualifying them on the first level of your funnel by convincing them to buy your most inexpensive products, and continuously move them farther down to your funnel until such time that they will buy your high-end products. This marketing strategy, when done correctly, can easily help you grow your ebusiness and augment your revenue up to a hundredfold!

Here’s how to make money online and increase your sales through product funnel creation:

1. Start with your low-end products. Offer your first-time customers with inexpensive and low-risk products and don’t get them started with your high-end offerings. Why? The answer to this is very simple; people are most unlikely to shell out huge amount of money on their first purchase. They would like to test the waters first, gauge the quality of the products that you offer, and they would like to see if you can give them their money’s worth.

2. Qualify more people on the first level of your funnel. You need to get thousands of people to take advantage for your low-end products. The more people you qualify in this level, the higher your chances of selling your other products. You can entice these people to do business with you by giving them huge discounts or freebies on their first purchase. You can offer your low-end products for half the price or giveaway exciting freebies like short ebooks. As people generally love getting something for free, this will surely boost your sales in no time.

3. Upsell your middle-end products. People who were satisfied with your low-end product will most likely to come back for more. You may offer these people with CD series, MP3s, one-day seminar, or DVD tutorials (if you are offering information base products) that contain more information compare to your low-end products. For these products, you can charge your clients for $500-$1,000 depending on your chosen topic and the products that they would like to take advantage of.

4. End your funnel with high ticket products. At the end of your funnel, you may offer your customers with one-on-one coaching, seminars, bootcamps, advanced coaching programs, and advanced teleseminar programs. As you will charge your clients with huge amount of money for these kinds of products, you better make sure that you can offer them all the kind of information that they are looking for.

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