Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Market Your Articles Online The Right Way

Advancing in the field of article marketing can be a piece of cake as long as you are determined and as long as you make use of these 6 rewarding methods:

1. Your articles must be informative. Online users spend their precious time reading articles for a simple reason that they would like to be informed or empowered to do things on their own. Do not disappoint them by loading your copies with information that these people will find useful and relevant to their lives. Avoid inserting blatant ads or nonsense content as this can pull your efforts to the drain.

2. Write more articles. If you want to advance in this field, you need to understand that this tool is a game of numbers. If you want more traffic, better page ranking, and more sales leads, you must be willing to augment the number of your articles so you can generate more inbound links and so you can strengthen your expert status online.

3. Consider your readers. Make these people happy and satisfied with you content by giving them great reading experience. Share your knowledge using conversational tone and ensure that your articles are easy to understand. Also, make sure that they will feel well-informed the moment they finish reading your content.

4. Make every word count. As you are serving an audience with limited attention span, it would help if you can make your articles concise and direct to the point as much as possible. Steer clear from using big words, fillers, fluffs, and lengthy introductions. Instead, just offer your information upfront so you will not waste any of you readers’ time.

5. Offer timely information. Be a great source of hot information and make your readers be the first one to know about them. Be always on the look out for new issues that might affect your chosen niche and subscribe to relevant RSS feeds that can give you fresh information that your readers will truly appreciate.

6. Follow the rules of publishing sites. Save your articles from being rejected and increase their chances of being posted online by understanding and following the rules set by the various publishing sites. These include; your articles must run at least 300 words, they must be free from blatant ads, self-serving links, inappropriate content, and sales pitches.

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