Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Make Money Online With Article Marketing

Article marketing is the process of distributing articles to publishing sites (like ezinearticles dot com) as a means of driving targeted, high-quality traffic to your website. Using this technique can result in adding numerous subscribers to your opt-in list and additional sales leads that can easily pull up your sales and revenue.

Here’s how you can improve your article marketing techniques:

1. Gain an in-depth knowledge about your potential clients. This is one element of article marketing that you should never take for granted as it can help you make your writing and your data collection a lot easier and targeted. Before you tap on your key board, get to know the pressing issues being faced by these people, determine their burning questions, and identify the kind of information that they are looking for. It would also help to know their preferred writing style and the words that they can easily relate with so you can make your content easy to understand.

2. Make your readers click on your resource box. Your main objective in using this marketing tool is to write and distribute articles that can easily stir your readers to take action. You would want these people to click on your resource box, subscribe to your email marketing list, and make a purchase in the long run. You can easily get these people to act on your favor if you speak about their needs, problems, wants, and expectations. You must give them useful and valuable information that would make them feel that you are really knowledgeable and that you can offer them the kind of information and products they need.

3. Be confident. You will not be able to convince your readers to trust you if you don’t sound very confident on your articles. You must be very comfortable in sharing your knowledge and you must be able to offer your thoughts and ideas with strong conviction. Remember, there is no room for uncertainties as people who believe in you are most likely to follow your recommendations.

4. Bank on your titles. Do not underestimate the benefits that interesting titles can offer you. Your article titles will ultimately determine if online users will open and read your content. Remember, your titles must communicate the gist of your content and the benefits that online users can get once they read your articles. Your titles must sound authoritative and must contain action words that can simply evoke action.

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