Friday, March 27, 2009

The Internet CEO - From Crawling To Climbing

Do you remember the old saying, you have to "crawl before you walk". Well, this is true in terms of business. Over the years I have learned so much about the internet and internet marketing. No matter what business/industry your in, its all about marketing. Marketing is the backbone of any business. You can have the best business but its useless if no one knows about it. Since this is my passion, I have dedicated my whole life to this. I dream, eat, and sleep the internet. And you know, when you truly have a passion for something, you do it from the soul. You do it from the heart. Even though the money does follow in the end, its NOT the final destination. Its about helping people and networking with individuals just like yourself who have a true interest in your industry.

The definition of "crawling to climbing"

The true definition of "crawling to climbing" simply means turning nothing into something. This is what a true hustler is/does. This is what a true Chief Executive Officer is/does. This is what an independent internet marketer does. A CEO "NEVER" depends on the aid of someone or something to make it what it is. For that matter, a CEO is never "dependent". If a CEO is "dependent", how can they stand on their on two feet?????

What I have learned as a CEO, is that "I am the business". Since the business is a reflection of me, I have to give that "extra" push and work "extra" hard in order for the empire to take shape. Every empire has got to start with a dream. You have visualize what you would like your business to be in the long run.......

The Internet CEO, Carael Knight

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Internet CEO - How To Excel In The Internet Marketing World

In order to properly excel in cyberspace, you must find a hidden niche to make money online. It is not impossible but sometimes, it can be an invigorating task. Once you can tap into a profitable niche, you are well on your way to generating millions online. When it comes to making money online, don't never get caught up in just marketing one niche or income stream because for the simple reason, you could be losing out on so many other opportunities and online business venues that could make profit.

If you would like to excel in the internet marketing world, you have to build a buzz. Think of it like this, another term for internet marketing is basically "internet politics". It is a way for all of the internet CEO's, webmasters, and bloggers to interact on topics that they feel is important and what there viewers have a true interest in. The internet is the land of information. Anyone that would like to receive and know more about something could easily go on the internet and find more information about it simply through searching the web.

Internet marketing statistics show that more than 95 percent of all information is searched through the search engines. For example: if you wanted to search more information about how to make money online, what would you do? You would search the keyword or keyphrase in one of the search engines right? This is why, in order to really excel in internet marketing, you have to find a market that is untapped and capitalize on it. If you can find something that you can visualize marketing that will be the next big boom, then you are half way there. The next and final task will be to find creative ways to get this to the public. There is no need to worry about wondering if there is a place in the market for whatever your trying to advertise to the world because you have access to millions at your disposal. All you really need is just two things: a website and a product to sell.

The Internet Wall Street is a system for SERIOUS people looking to make money online and supplement their income.

The Internet CEO - The Ambition of An Internet CEO

It takes a lot for an online business owner to build a company from scratch. I mean a person have to be "hungry". The CEO have to be tenacious as well as determined to succeed and make money online. Adversity, by itself, makes no one stronger, it is the ambition of a person's character that excels them to succeed and prevail. One of the major downfalls that most unsuccessful online business owners go through is they tend to give up before they start. If you want to make money online efficiently, you have to keep building your revenue momentum. You have to remain consistent.
In terms of adversity, it is something that every individual must go through in life but the whole idea is to learn from the challenges as well as grow from those adversities. The choices people make will separate those who will prevail from those who will fail. For example: in any business endeavor when encountered, a person will always have adversity such as competitors that want to take there spot. Competitors that want to be number one. Competitors that are playing to win. A CEO have to be just as aggressive if not more aggressive than your competition in order to make money online as an Internet CEO.

Many people will tend to grow strong not in spite of their adversities but because of them. Many people can turn their lives around the moment they choose a different perspective. The key to succeeding in the face of adversity is how one think as well as "knowing" how to think. A lot of people can percieve a person to be one way, when in reality, they are another way. But this is a strategic move because they can not pinpoint the person motives or action. A CEO perseveres. A CEO stands strong and have faith in their own beliefs. If a CEO would like to live the American Dream, they have to ignore all naysayers. They have to be leaders. They have to be their own "cheerleaders". The Ambition of an Internet CEO is a person that have heart.

To be honest with you, becoming successful and making money online is not for slackers. The Ambition of an Internet CEO will successfully make money online consistently, as well as stick to their gut instinct and never give up.

For more information on how you can make money online consistently like I did, remain hungry as well as ambitious and I can promise you that you will succeed like I did. Take it from The Internet CEO.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Internet CEO - True Success Lies Within Us

The Fisherman And the American Story

Most people tend to see success through a paradigm. There was once a story of an American tourist who docked his boat in a tiny Mexican village. Impressed by the quality of the fish he caught, he asked a fisherman how long it took him to make his catch. "Not very long", answered the Mexican. "Why not stay out longer so that you can catch more" asked the American? The fisherman explained that he had already caught all he needed. "But what do you do with the rest of your time", asked the American? "I sleep late, play with my children, see my friends, drink coffee, play the guitar and sing a few songs." The American looked at him and said, "you will never be successful that way". The American said, you should start fishing longer every day and you can then sell the extra fish you catch. With the revenue, you can buy a bigger boat. With the extra money the larger boat will bring, you can buy a second one and then a third one and so on until you have an entire fleet of boats. Instead of selling your fish to a middleman retail, you can negotiate directly wholesale and open your own plant. After the business becomes successful, shares of stock can be sold and you can accumulate millions. Once millions have been generated, you can retire.

This is an example of what success meant to the American if he was the fisherman. The fisherman and the American thought totally different. They had different meanings of what success was to them and that was what defined who they both were.

MajorEnterprise has become a huge success due to the dedication of The Internet CEO himself, Carael Knight