Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Article Marketing - What Every Article Marketer Must Know To Make Money Online

Learning the ropes of article marketing can bring you tons of traffic to your website which you desperately need in growing your ebusiness. When more people are giving you a visit, you can easily increase your sales potentials and revenue.

Here are the 4 remarkable secrets to make money online through article marketing:

1. Choose your topics wisely. In order to drive quality and highly targeted traffic to your website, you need to write about topics that your potential clients will find interesting. You may talk about their problems, burning questions; the things that they would like to learn about, and issues that have direct impact on their lives. You may also write about topics that are closely related to your chosen niche and products and services. For instance, if you are offering automatic article submission software, you can talk about the benefits of your products to people who are using article marketing. By doing so, you can attract those people who are most likely to get interested on what you offer.

2. Bank on the quality and quantity of your articles. It is not enough that you offer your readers with quality content. In order to drive even more traffic to your website, you must be willing to augment the number of your copies. This can boost the number of your backlinks, improve your page ranking exponentially, and increase your sales potential so you can make more money from your ebusiness.

3. Use keywords. Make your articles easy to find online by making them search engine-friendly. Learn and follow the algorithms of various search engines and make use of relevant keywords all throughout your content. You must also observe appropriate keyword density so your articles will not be rejected by both publishing sites and search engines.

4. Drive your traffic to your squeeze page. Some marketers are sending their traffic to their website. Their potential clients are giving them a visit and if they were totally undecided during their first visit, they leave the website without buying anything. This would mean losing the business of these people. I am sure you don’t want this to happen to you so I suggest that you drive your potential clients to your squeeze page. Obtain their email addresses before you grant them access to your website so you can easily build an ongoing communication with them.

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