Friday, March 30, 2007

Top Search Engine Rankings

Its no secret that Google gets most of the traffic on the internet, followed closely by Yahoo and MSN back in third place. So if you we're going to beat the next guy at getting some free search engine traffic what is required and where would you start?

Well first of all you have to realise that you aren't likely to rank at the top of most keywords overnight, infact it can take months of hard work to rank for high traffic keywords so the key here is to start with keywords you can target that don't have a lot of competition.This makes your job 50% easier before you even load a page to the internet.

Next lets look at the specific engines, google takes the longest to rank for out of the top 3 so I like to look closely at MSN search because my experience tells me that even though they dont get anywhere the same amount of traffic I can rank higher and faster here.So my first port of call is to do keyword research specifically with MSN in mind.I use a few tools here but by far the easiest way to do this is to use the free keyword reseach tool at .Here you can check keyword patterns and traffic patterns for your desired keywords to see how many searches are performed in the major engines, and also to find spin off keywords you probably would'nt have considered before.You can also check both Overture and Wordtrackers results against each other here to get a feel for how the traffic patterns are going to be for a top rank with your selected keyword.

Making Money Online

A rule of thumb I use for MSN is that the traffic for any keyword I search in digital points tool is divided by approx 3-4 to give me an idea of the traffic in MSN.So if my desired keyword had 1000 searches per day according to both Wordtracker and Overture then I can confidently say a number 1 rank in MSN should provide about 300 searches.This doesnt mesn you will get 300 hits , in fact you may only get about half the searchers hit your site through MSN or any search engines for that matter even if you rank # 1.

So now I can confidently say a top rank for that keyword will provide approx 150 hits or visitors per day.So now we have chosen a keyword that looks good whats next?

Check out the competition on MSN.Theres no point choosing words that you realistically will never rank for .The competition pays big money to be at the top so unless you have the same budget stay away from that game.Those so called gurus of the internet will squash you .My reccommendation is to rank for terms that have less traffic and thats easier to get to #1, especially in MSN.

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So what am I looking for when it it comes to my competition ? well we all know that relevant , theme related inbound, 1 way links from authority sites are the easiest way to rank # 1 or top 10.

In fact it doesnt take too many high quality inbound links to rank for thousands upon thousands of terms. So here is where the fun begins, After you have uploaded your site and optimised the page with all the relevant html tags etc then gathering links to your page is the single most important task you can undertake to rank.I am not an authority on link gathering but here are a few suggestions.

Making Money Online

Write high quality articles about your chosen subject or pay someone to write articles , then submit them to the free article directories, here your article will be picked up by other webmasters and placed on their site with your link on them, This can create many many 1 way links very quickly for your page.

Approach other webmasters in your chosen topic and request link exchange(I personally dont do this as its boring and outdated and honestly is very time consuming)

Use social bookmark sites like to get your content out there and also to get you links from your tags.The search engines love social bookmark sites, I use about 25 of them and they always provide high quality 1 way links, and often with very high PR.

Write a blog about your site and link to it then feed that blog using rss or other syndication methods.this can also provide 1 way links and better results in the search engines.

Making Money Online

Buy links. Yes buy them , a few high quality , related links with good Google Page Rank will help massively.

These few ideas I use every day and many more to get traffic and beat the next guy in the engines, especially MSN.

So there you have it a few small ideas to get you moving so go forth and "make money".

So the only thing left to do after you have achieved a top rank for a number of keyword terms is to make money from them and here are my top two ideas for making money that I use everyday.

1) Google adsense, Sign up free and place the ad code on your page and you will earn a share of each and every click visitors make from those ad blocks.

There are dozens of other places you can earn on a "pay per click " basis but Google stands out head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.

Making Money Online

2) Affiliate marketing, If your site or page is about losing weight, then sign up free as an affiliate to any one of hundreds of sites that sell these type of products .Then place a link on your page which has your personal code embedded into it and if a visitor clicks on your link and decides to buy then you will recieve a share of that sale.Sometimes as high 70% of that sale.

So there you have it, now go out there and make some money online, because if you don't I will do it for you.

Making Money Online

Ensuring A Profitable Home Business

If you would like to be one of many who has found a home based business opportunity and become successful with it, then hard work is going to be needed to achieve this goal. A home business opportunity is quite popular now for various reasons. Some people need a home business to help them supplement the income received from there regular job, while others need the home based business as a way for them to keep busy as they might not have another job.

There are many different and numerous types of home based business opportunity for people to become involved in. They range for medical transcription services, to selling cosmetics and toiletries. Each opportunity is unique and suitable for just the right kind of person. There are a number of people or companies who will try to convince you there home business opportunity is perfect for you, when in fact, it might not be. It is up to you to weed through all of the different opportunities to find one that will make you successful. The question, which now arises, is how to ensure that when you have started your home business opportunity that is a profitable one?

You should be aware that a profitable home based business must first start with the correct home based opportunity. Most people choose a home business opportunity, which is quite popular, and everyone knows about. However, the problem, which arises with this, is, without realizing it, the market has already become saturated with many people selling the same product. In this way, your chances of having a profitable home business will diminish due to over availability of the product. On the other hand, choosing a home business opportunity that no one has ever heard of is too risky if this is your first time working with a home based business opportunity. Just because a product or concept might be new, there is no guarantee that it will sell. Therefore you run the risk of not making a profit at all with your home based business opportunity.

In order to ensure you are on your way with a profitable home based business opportunity, everyone thinking about working at home, should think about the amount of money necessary in starting a business. Each different type of home based business opportunity will require various amounts of time and finance dedicated to the job to make it work. For you business to be profitable, it is necessary to first plan out how much will initially be invested into it. A new startup business can quickly drain a bank account if a business plan is not initially drawn up. Therefore, to ensure you business is a profitable one, spend time budgeting out your much money will be allocated for each aspect of the business, and stick to this business plan without spending carelessly.

When first starting a home based business opportunity, a lot of hours are necessary in order to make the business as profitable as possible. This would initially include time spent away from family and friends growing your business to a stable level. Therefore, to ensure your business is profitable, the hours spent away from loved ones must be factored in.

After considering the amount of money and time which is needed to make your home based business opportunity profitable, the most important advice would be to start marketing your business as much as possible. There are many forms of business marketing available such as word of mouth, business cards, brochures and flyers, or ads in the newspaper. Yet whatever type of marketing you choose to adopt, be consistent with it. With more people becoming aware of your business, and telling their friends about it, the more profitable your business will be.

How To Build An Enterprise

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

There are numerous simple and easy ways to make some extra cash online. This article will give you some ideas.


One of the best ways to earn some extra cash online is by taking surveys. There are many companies that need consumer opinions on a wide range of topics, and many of them will pay you money or with points you can redeem for cash or prizes. It's easy and free to signup and the more surveys you take, the more money and prizes you will get. It just takes a small investment of your time.

make some extra cash online


If you have decent writing skills, there are many publishers and content distributors who need content for their websites. Two such sites are and, they will pay you for each article you write. You don't have to be a fantastic writer either, just have a good grasp of English and be able to write something of interest on a given topic.


Blogging is fun and easy and, again, you don't need great writing skills. You just need to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas well. You can get your own customizable blog by getting a domain and hosting package that includes the Fantastico module. This module allows you to install the blogging software, WordPress, with 1 simple click. It's super fast and easy and you'll be blogging in no time. Once you have some visitors, you can add Adsense ads or affiliate ads to leverage your visitors and make money from them. Remember, the more interesting your topic, the more people will be interested, and the more readers you get, the more money you will make from your advertising. Blogs can be about anything, what do you have a passion for? What is your interest? Blog about it!

Affiliate Marketing

Many online companies have affiliate programs., for instance, has a great affiliate program that allows you to sign up and get a customized URL to any page or area of their site. Then you can send this URL to your friends and family and encourage them to buy gifts from With every purchase from your affiliate link, you get a commission! There are thousands of other affiliate programs out there, in addition to Amazon's program.

Sell Your Extra Stuff

We all have extra stuff laying around our houses or garages. Why not get rid of it and make some money too? Get your stuff and take a picture, write a description and put it up on eBay. You may find that something you thought that wasn't worth anything, is actually worth something!

make some extra cash online

Contests, Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games

Everyday there are new contests, sweepstakes and instant win games launching. If you are vigilant and spend an hour or a few a day entering contests and playing these games, you will win something eventually. Playing these games and contests is often fun anyway, so why not take a chance? Check out for a great list of contests, sweepstakes and instant win games.

Free Lottos

You know how you go to the convenience store every week and spend a few bucks on lottery tickets? Well, there are also online lotteries where you can get tickets and win cash prizes. The difference is, these lotteries are free! Yes, free! You can find a list of free lottos at

Online Casinos

There are hundreds of different online casinos on the web. I bet you thought that you needed money to play at them and win? Well, you were wrong. You can signup for free poker tournaments that have cash prizes. There are also slot, roulette and blackjack tournaments that you can play that have real money prizes. All for free! Check out and for listings.

There you go, 8 fun and easy ideas to make some extra cash online!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Work Less & Get Paid More-Vs.-Work More & Get Paid Less

Have you ever noticed how the people who make the most are the people work the least???

What do they know that you don't? What are they doing that your not?

(Here's some facts..............)

Fact #1 -- Most people are working too hard to make any real
money online!

Fact #2 -- Most people spin their wheels and put in a lot of hours, but at
the end of the day they don't have much to show for it.

Fact #3 -- A few people don't work any harder than they have to... yet they make tons more money online and enjoy themselves a whole lot more than everyone else.

Who are these incredibly "lucky" people?

They're called "Lazy Achievers" - and I've found a breakthrough new ebook by Jim Edwards that teaches you their "secret" strategies, techniques and - most importantly - their mindset!

The Lazy Achiever's

Does this sound familiar?

The more you successful you get, the more *work* comes your way!

More Sales = More Hours = More Work = More Stress!

Now it seems all you did was just create another "job" for yourself on top of everything else!What happened to the hands-off, "remote-control" business
you thought you created when you opened the doors of your own dot-com?!
Well have no fear! No matter what type of online business you operate, help is on
the way. Jim Edwards is a man who's been where you are! He sold his first ebook way back in 1997 and steadily built his online business up from just a few hundred bucks in sales to now making as much in a single day as many online businesses make in a month (some even a year!) His ebooks have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and he is the co-author of the ultra-successful ebooks, "How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7 Days" and "33 Days to Online Profits". But he paid a *heavy* price. Jim was making a six-figure income, but he slaved away 14, 16 even 18 hours a day with no end in sight.The more "successful" he got -- the more work piled up on him!

Then one day it all changed...

Last summer Jim had a chat with someone he thought he knew quite well - and this amazing ebook grew out of that talk.

The person?

His own father! Dallas Edwards (Jim's co-author) is a man who brings to the table several decades of business experience in getting things done easier, better, faster, and cheaper in many different industries.

After some discussion Jim asked his dad a "point-blank"

"Can you really work less and make the same or even *more* money in less time?"

After his dad explained what would later become "The Lazy Man's 15 Principles for Success" Jim immediately knew there was a better way to run his online business.
Jim *immediately* applied these new-found principles to his existing business.

What happened next seemed almost like magic....

~ Within 24 hours he immediately eliminated 1-3 hours of time
wasted with email *every* day!

~ Within 2 days he finished a project in 4 hours he hadn't been
able to get done for 6 weeks!

~ Within one week he made an EXTRA $3,421!!

~ Within one month he took a vacation to the Bahamas - and made
enough money by "remote-control" while on vacation to make his
house payment when he got home!

~ Within 3 months his work day dropped to 4-8 hours a day
(depending on his current projects).

Don't you want the same results!?!

Less Work... More Money... More Fun!

"The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business" will teach you the techniques, strategies and, most importantly, the mindset of "Lazy Achievers".

Jim also got some of the brightest minds online to share their secrets for creating and operating super-efficient, money-making online businesses, including:

~ Jay Conrad Levinson - Mr. "Guerrilla Marketing"

~ Yanik Silver - "King of Copywriting"

~ Jonathan Mizel - "The Online Marketing Letter"

~ David Garfinkel - "Advertising Headlines that Make you Rich"

~ Joe Vitale - "Outrageous Copywriting Genius"

~ Larry Chase - "Web Digest for Marketers"

~ ... and 7 more!

These aren't skimpy little two paragraph interviews either!

These are *meaty* full interviews with highly successful people who reveal their best and *proven* techniques, tips, tools and strategies for making more money -- in less time -- and having a whole lot more fun doing it!

Get It All Here:

"The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business"

15 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

There are HUGE benefits to promoting affiliate programs
with your own home-based Internet business, and I've come
up with a list of 15 great reasons to become an affiliate

Let's look at each reason separately:

1. No Production Costs - The cost to develop and produce a
new product is prohibitive for almost anyone who wants to
start a home-based business. With affiliate programs,
production costs aren't an issue. The product has been
developed and proven - all on the merchant's nickel.

2. Low Cost Set-up - Compared with building a brick and
mortar store, starting a home-based Internet business is
relatively cheap. You probably already have a desk,
Internet-connected computer and word-processing software,
which is all the equipment you may need.

3. No Fees for Joining or Licenses to Buy - I often
compare doing business as an affiliate, with distributing a
line of products in the real world. The biggest difference
is that the distributor must often pay for a license to
distribute products within a limited geographic region.
Affiliate programs, on the other hand, are usually free to
join, and geographic market reach is limited only by the
affiliate's ability to promote his web site.

4. Choose From Thousands of Products and Services - What
isn't sold online? That list must be shorter than the one
describing all that IS sold online. There are thousands and
thousands of affiliate programs selling every product under
the sun. That makes it easy to find products related to
your current or planned web site.

Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Products Online".

5. No Sales Experience Needed - When I started my affiliate
business, I had absolutely no sales experience. That wasn't
a problem, however. The companies I affiliated with
provided excellent marketing material. Using their sales
copy, I was able to get my first affiliate site up in less
than a day.

6. No Employees - The largest expense of most businesses is
employee salaries. Although there might be times when you
need or want someone to work for you as an affiliate, it's
doubtful you'll ever have to worry about hiring full or
part-time employees. When you have a project you want to
hire out, it is easy to find specialists in every computer-
related field who can work for you from the comfort of
THEIR own homes. You pay only for the project, and never
have to worry about ongoing employee-related benefits and

7. No Expensive Merchant Accounts Needed - Setting up a
merchant account for any business is a time-consuming and
costly business. It's even more tedious for Internet
businesses. However, merchant accounts aren't a concern
when you're an affiliate. The merchant bears that cost and
handles all processing of payments. You never have to lose
sleep over potential chargebacks, fraud or losing your
merchant account when you're an affiliate.

8. No Inventory to Carry - Even if you live in a small one-
bedroom apartment, as an affiliate you can sell large items
without storage concerns.

9. No Order-Processing - Forget the problems associated
with collecting and storing names, addresses, credit card
numbers, etc. The merchant does all that!

Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Products Online".

10. No Product Shipping - The cost and hassle to prepare
and ship products to customers worldwide could be
staggering. Affiliates never have to worry about packaging
supplies or postal rates.

11. No Customer Service Concerns - Do you hate the prospect
of dealing with nasty people or customer complaints? Don't
worry about it! The merchant handles the snivelers.

12. Make Money While You Sleep - What other business allows
you as a sole proprietor to keep your doors open and keep
making money even when you take breaks or after you go home
for the night?

Super Affiliate Handbook

13. The World at Your Doorstep - The Internet is the
world's largest marketplace. You can drive more visitors to
your online store in a day, than many small-town merchants
sees in his or her brick and mortar business in a year.

14. Minimal Risk - The product you chose isn't making
money? Dump it. Take down your links and promote another!
It's that easy. There are no long-term contracts binding
you to products that don't sell.

15. High Income Potential - If you have a job, your salary
or hourly wage is probably pre-determined. Maybe there's
not much, other than working overtime, that you can do to
increase your income. With your own affiliate business on
the Internet your income potential is limited only by your
desire, effort and imagination.

There you have them - all the good reasons to start your
own online affiliate marketing business. Start today and
benefit from this incredibly simple, cost-effective
business opportunity known as affiliate marketing. The time
is right, and the time is now.

Visit her site at:

Super Affiliate Handbook

The One Action You Can Take That Instantly Increases Your Website Sales

If you're getting traffic to your website but few people are
buying, you're like a lot of people I know. You may have a
good product (or service) and a good price. You just don't
have the sales you feel you ought to have.

One action you can take that can produce astounding results
in short order is to change the headline at the top of the
page - or, if you don't have a headline, put one up there!

My friend and co-author Jim Edwards did exactly that on a
promotion that was going south and his conversion rate
jumped up 500% in a matter of minutes!

But if you change (or add) a headline, it has to be the
right kind. This article will give you some important
guidelines that will help you choose a headline that acts
like a booster-rocket to your sales.

First, let's define terms. What is a headline, anyway?

A headline is the first set of words that your prospect sees
on any piece of copy you write. It's just like the
headlines you see in a newspaper.

Advertising Headline Templates

Here are five typical newspaper headlines. (But… a warning.
The first four are NOT the kind you want on your website):

1. Economy Improves As Unemployment Drops, Consumer Spending

2. Ninth-Inning Grand Slam Saves The Day

3. Flu Vaccine Shortage Worries Health Officials

4. Spring Rains Flood Farmlands

5. New Computer Chip Promises Better Video On Handheld

While all these headlines would work well to sell newspapers
and get readers interested in reading the news stories that
follow, only last one would work in marketing, 99% of the

Why? Because most newspaper-style headlines merely sell the
reader on reading the story, but they aren't designed to
create interest in, and desire for, a product or service
that you'd be telling the prospect about.

Advertising Headline Templates

However, the last headline in the list…

New Computer Chip Promises Better Video On Handheld

… has a characteristic that could make it work just as well
for an ad as for a news story. It's this: The headline
conveys a benefit ("Better Video on Handheld Computers") of
a product ("New Computer Chip"), and this not only creates
interest in the product. It also creates a desire for that
product - if, that is, you're the kind of person (like me)
who likes video on your computers.

In short, a headline not only needs to capture attention and
keep your prospect reading. It also needs to set the tone
for what the prospect is about to read - and, to create a
mood in the prospect that will begin to make him or her
receptive to taking the action you will eventually invite
him or her to take in your sales copy.

That action might be to buy what you are selling. It could
be just to request more information. Or, it might be to
request an application form, which would lead to the next
step of the sales process.

Whatever action it is you desire your prospect to take, your
headline has an important job to do: prepare the prospect
emotionally for the invitation you are soon about to make.

David Garfinkel is author of "Advertising Headline Templates
That Make You Rich,"
a powerful resource that makes writing
highly profitable headlines easier than anything else. Many
top marketers privately consider this ebook their secret
weapon. To find out more, go to:

Advertising Headline Templates

What Highly Targeted Visitors Can Do For Your Online Business

Today's online marketplace is changing as we speak. The
"good old days" of placing a Simple advertisement on Google
or Yahoo and getting highly targeted visitors to your site
for a dime are ending.

The reality is that the internet, and especially the large
flagship sites, have become a huge portal for people
searching for free content - "lookers".

That's right - "lookers". People that will never buy your
product. Regardless of what kind of value you throw at them.

Niche Advertising Secrets

Know this - "lookers" can kill your business! Why would
you throw a large chunk of your advertising budget into a
channel that prides itself on everything being "Free". It
doesn't make any sense.

Why "lookers" exist, and what you can do about it.

"Lookers" exist, quite simply, because they have caught
onto the fact that unless you are offering to deliver a
product to their doorstep, they really don't have to pay
for the information you provide.

Why do they feel this way? Because if you don't give them
the information they are looking for, someone else will!
That is a fact of increasing competition, and of selling
information products on the internet. The hard truth is
that, it's only going to get worse. Sure these lookers,
may sign up for your newsletter. Why not, it's FREE.

But when it really comes down to selling your product, you
really have to do one of two things.

1. Completely Stand out from the crowd. You have to
offer a product so niched, and so different that the
prospect can't get the information anywhere else. Leave
them no choice but to purchase from you if they want the

2. Realign your advertising budget to reach the people
the WILL buy your product or service.

Niche Advertising Secrets

Where do these prospects reside?

Where else? They reside on existing niched sites, and
here's your opportunity to make the really big bucks.

Just think about this for a minute. Imagine that you are
selling a book on how to coach little league baseball.
Where are your better prospects going to reside?

Option 1: Google and Yahoo - No way! Everyone and their
mother is posting their opinions on these sites about how
to coach little league baseball. Free content all over the

Option 2: A Niched site such as - Of course you have better
prospects on this site to buy your book. First, you are
riding on the reputation of probably the biggest little
league site on the internet. Plus, you've surrounded your
product with people that are most likely coaches, players,
or parents that want to be coaches.

The simple solution is to start advertising your product
on niched sites such as the above example. More likely than
not, it's not going to cost much more, but your overall
site profitability is going to soar.

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How Top Rankings Are Being Generated Using Blogs

Have you ever heard of Blog Solution?

It has been one of the TOP Internet Marketing Software that "The BIG BOYS" use on the market today!


Powerful Blogging Software!

What it does and Why is it SO Effective?

Well, basically, it creates, updates, and maintains as many blogs as you want on as many different domains as you want. Set up is extremely fast while all updates are "automatically" handled on autopilot and once set up correctly, they'll run on their own.

Just imagine having 100 domains, each hosting 1,000 blogs, totaling 100,000 blogs, each of which will target specific keywords and can then get listed and ranked in the search engines for each in record time! TALK ABOUT CASH FLOW!

Dominate the Search Engines with Blogging Software!

How are BlogSolution users making money?

Adsense $$$
It's rare in with any blog and ping tool that a person gets many clicks to their blogs. Most of the time, mass bloggers use blogs to simply get other sites indexed. But not with BlogSolution! Search engines LOVE these blogs. Not only do they send hordes of spiders, they also send traffic. Our users are putting adsense directly on their blogs.

Affiliate $$$
Links to affiliate products/services can be placed directly on your blogs. BlogSolution can get your end affiliate sites indexed and ranked. You can even cloak your blogs so that when a surfer finds your blogs, they don't ever see them. They see your affiliate site!

Self Promotion $$$
Have your own products or services? The sky's the limit. BlogSolution can get your sites both spiders and surfers. Get your sites indexed, ranked and selling. There's nothing you can't do with this software.

Ultimate SEO Blogging Software!

How does The BlogSolution pays................

Adsense income.
Affiliate income.
Tens of thousands of indexed blogs.
Search engine spiders like you have NEVER seen (it's our secret ingredient).
Tens of thousands of one way back links to and sites you want.
Your new sites indexed FAST.
A system that flies under search engine radar, but profits from them.

Ultimate SEO Blogging Software!

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How a Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Army Went From $0 - $12,000 / Month in 4 Months

I recently stumbled on on a powerful money making manual of how a disabled mother of the U.S. Army Went From $0 - $12,000 / Month in 4 Months Flat! She knows here stuff. I bought the manual myself and it has helped me increase my sales ratio by 500 percent!

Holly Mann shares with you a money-making secret that made $100 within two hours of implementing it. It really is a powerful method. It's a different way to make money online - costs you nothing in advertising and would not be considered "work." You will be surprised how easy it is.


For those of you who do NOT have a website, she provides detailed information telling you exactly how to make money through affiliate programs with no site, no advertising costs and very little "work." It's something you could profit from by putting in only an hour to two hours per day - and you can start making money with these techniques right NOW.

Do you want a Professionally Designed, FREE website right away so you can pull in even more money? If you would like to have a website but aren't experienced with designing and maintaining sites and all else that is involved, she tell you exactly how to get a FREE website setup within 5 minutes with NO costs whatsoever. Plus, you never have to pay for hosting and you don't need any real web design experience.

Also, for the advanced internet gurus and entrepreneurs - you will increase your earnings after you read this e-book, "guaranteed". You will discover new ways to increase your revenue like I did and many other different techniques that you never thought of trying. Her strategies are proven successful and are highly profitable.

Make Money Online

You don't have to spend a dime on advertising anymore. Keep 100% profits. Not only is it possible (also, see proven success stories......) but it is feasible if you follow the steps in her manual. She provides more detailed information about different money making techniques with and without a website and low-cost and FREE advertising and site promotion.

She also provides a DETAILED guide to Search Engine Optimization - What to do and how to do it - giving you the exact information about how to get ALL of your websites to the top 5 position of EVERY search engine! I've also noticed that EVERY SINGLE website she have optimized for her specific keywords has reached the top 1-5 ranking - EVERY ONE TO THIS DAY!!! SEO is the single most important tool in making money online because without site visitors - your internet venture is worthless.

She will share the secret to how she doubled her website's revenue within a month by implementing a search engine positioning technique (which only took three hours to do). And she will tell YOU exactly how you can do it too.

Make Money Online

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Tool Reveals Profitable AdSense Niches In Seconds

AdSense businesses have taken off like wildfire in recent years. Because it allows you to get cash flowing in without top marketing or copywriting skills.

You just get people to click on the ads and you get paid. It’s not rocket science.

However, before you can get people to your sites in the first place and get paid a fair amount per click, you’ve got to pick a profitable niche.

If you pick the wrong one, then all of your efforts may not make you anything.

Top Keyword Data is a tool that promises to help you find high-profit, low-competition niches in as little as seconds.

It works by storing over 130,000 keywords and allowing you to sort the keywords by such data as how much they pay-per-click and the amount of competition they have.

So, with a few clicks of a button, you can find the most profitable keywords to optimize your pages for.

Additionally, you can type in a keyword to find all of the keywords in a niche. This allows you to quickly analyze a niche idea for its likelihood of success.

This means using Top Keyword Data is simple and easy to use (and saves you a ton of time). But, more importantly, increases your ratio of successful sites.

Now, you can rest more assured that your efforts to create a new site are going to pay off. This alone could double, triple, or even quadruple your AdSense income.

For this reason, Top Keyword Data gets my highest recommendation. It’s simple to use and pays off many times over in the years to come.

To grab your copy, visit:

Top Keyword Data

A Search Engine, Directory, and Classified Submission Software That Actually Works

For most websites, your profit margins are razor thin and you can’t afford to spend much of anything for advertising.

This is especially true when you’re trying to monetize a site with AdSense or other affiliate programs.

Instead, you’ve got get the free search engine traffic flowing and let people know about your site through directories and classified sites.

Moreover, you’ve got to get your pages into the search engines in the first place. Most people think of the big search engines, MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

But, they forget that a nice percentage of search traffic also goes through all of the small the search engines. Not to mention, that directories also have large amounts of search engine traffic running through them (because they claim many top rankings in the search engines).

However, the problem is that finding these free sites to submit to is often challenging. And, to make much of an impact on your site, you need to submit to a lot of them.

Submit Equalizer sets-out to eliminate this challenge by automatically submitting your sites to thousands of search engine, directories, and classified sites.

There are a number of solutions online that promise to blast your site to hundreds of thousands of sites. However, these solutions largely do not work because they submit to around 99.9% low quality sites.

Submit Equalizer only submits to sites specifically chosen to be likely to produce results.

After putting Submit Equalizer to work, I was impressed. I quickly saw a surge of search engines spiders (which means more pages are likely to be indexed inside)… and I did soon notice a few of backlinks inside Google.

But, the main benefit Submit Equalizer offers is the massive amount of exposure it gives your site. Because in only a short time after use, you’re listed in all of the major directories and search engines – essential when you’re relying on free traffic.

In other words, if all you’re using right now are paid advertising methods, then this tool may not be for you.

But, if you want to cash-in on free search traffic, then this tool should be required.

For usability, the tool works flawlessly. Most of the submission sites can be submitted to with the click of a button.

For the around 42 sites that require manual submission, Submit Equalizer has a built in web-browser and is a semi-automatic solution. This slashes the time it takes to get through submitting those sites.

The bottom line is that Submit Equalizer is a powerful tool to establish your websites to get the free traffic flowing in. I highly recommend it.

To grab your copy, visit:

Submit Equalizer

How To Get A "SURGE" In Traffic And Incoming Links

There’s no question articles are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get targeted traffic and quality incoming links (that boost your search rankings) to your site. Not to mention, they don’t cost a cent!

And unlike other free advertising methods that have faded away over time, articles continue to grow in power as time goes on.

After all, there’s always an increasing amount of website publishers who need quality content to share with their readers.

Of course, there’s a catch. Your articles have to be good quality, be for an in-demand topic, and you must submit them to article directories (where publishers can pick-up your articles to syndicate). Otherwise, you will have wasted your time.

Instant Article Submitter and its companion software Instant Article Creator (given as a bonus) sets-out to eliminate these problems associated with articles.

First, Instant Article Creator is a fill-in-the-blank software that guides you to creating an article. It’s a simple software that does its job well. By having a step-by-step structure, you don’t have to worry about your articles getting too involved. Everything you need to include is right in front of you, all of the time.

Instant Article Submitter is an automatic article submission software. This is opposed to many other competing software that are only semi-automatic (meaning they still require you to visit each site manually and click the “Submit” button).

This makes using these tools long and tedious to use. Instant Article Submitter visits all of the directories for you, logs into your account, and takes care of pushing all of the buttons. All you must do is fill in the security code that around three out of hundreds directories require.

This makes Instant Article Submitter a very similar option to the paid services which charge you a fee to use their service and they take care of all the submitting. The only difference is that there are zero recurring fees, you know exactly where your articles are getting submitted to, and you can put it to work whenever you want.

So, how well does it perform?

Well, just submitting to the article directories alone are going to send hundreds of incoming links to your site. But, when you hit the right topic, then you’re going to see countless publishers picking up your article (along with your resource box at the end).

And, if you get picked-up on the right site, then you’re going to get thousands of visitors.

For ease of use and functionality, I’ve used it numerous time and never noticed any bugs. Plus, their have been several updates which keeps on adding new features and directories.

As a result, this tool gets my highest rating. It stands out over its competitors and the quality support and updates makes using it an easy decision.

You can pick-up your copy at:

Instant Article Submitter

How To Get Enough Quality Content For Your Sites

Whenever you start a new website, the biggest problem you have is getting enough quality content for people to want to visit, come back... and to make sure the search engines see your sites as “established” (for higher search rankings).

This is why many website owners turn to article directories to pick-up good articles authors let them publish in exchange for including a short resource box.

However, you’ve still got to manually create a web page and put in each article. This can take hours to create pages for only a few dozen articles… hardly much of a benefit.

The software Article Equalizer by Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson is an automated solution that imports hundreds of articles, plops them into a pre-designed web page, and then uploads them to your website for you.

This means you can build a site with hundreds of pages in minutes, instead of many long hours.

The websites that can mainly benefit from this tool are those with single page websites (which have little chance of getting top search rankings) or those who monetize their sites with AdSense.

The reason is that by having many pages of good content, then you increase your repeat visitors (which means more clicks on ads) and you have a shot at getting more listings in the search engines (which increases your free search engine traffic).

Overall, Article Equalizer does its job well. In only a short time, it increases the size of your site by hundreds of pages with content search engines love.

Best of all, you can use it for all of your sites, anytime you want, and without any sky-high writer fees that rack-up quickly. Article Equalizer takes advantage of content that is already available for your taking and makes getting large amounts of it practical.

So, if you want to increase your AdSense income and get more repeat visitors, then you should pick-up your copy at:

Article Equalizer

How You Can Take The Power of Forum Marketing To The Next Level

Forums are one of the most popular ways to advertise your website. This is because it’s not only a great way to get traffic and incoming links, but it’s also a fun way to network with others.

You get to post comments or ask questions. And, in return, you get instant traffic through your website link and you get to see the feedback others offer.

Plus, over time, you accumulate high-quality backlinks which helps you claim prized search engine rankings.

A downside of forums is that it often can suck-up your valuable time away from more important parts of your business.

You’ll find yourself spending countless hours reading and writing posts. As a result, any benefits you get out of forum marketing are outweighed by how much of your valuable time is taken away.

Forum Equalizer takes your comments or questions and automatically submits them to a built-in database of over 2,000 forums.

This means that the posts you create once get spread to far more message boards than you ever could have reached on your own.

So, instead of waiting months and years to accumulate a good amount of incoming links from search engines, you can do it in a matter of days!

Forum Equalizer is easy and simple to use. It does take some time to register for all of the forums because many require you to type in image pass codes (that software can’t do), but you can still get this task done relatively quickly because it does fill-in your personal information and click the forum submit button.

A good way to take care the registration is to outsource to a kid who can spend a few hours typing in the image codes.

Other than that, the software runs flawlessly. You just fill-in your comments and click a button to put the software into action.

For the best results, you should try to put in interesting comments with tips or to ask a question that provokes responses. Never just submit an ad.

With a good comment you will find that your posts stay-up for the long-run and for maximum search engine benefits.

To grab your copy and get a quick surge of incoming links, visit:

Forum Equalizer

How To Create Hundreds of Killer Google Ads That Sell

Google AdWords is the most popular pay-per-click search engine. With a
tiny start-up investment (as little as ), you can start running your ads
on websites throughout the internet.

However, as its popularity has grown, so has the often cut-throat
competition. In many markets, getting a profitable campaign going has
become a serious challenge.

This is why I am always looking for new tools to give an edge in the
AdWords game. So, I was thrilled when I came across a tool called, “Ad
Word Generator”
that promised to create up to hundreds of professionally
written ads in about 10 seconds.

At first I was skeptical of this claim. How is that possible?

Well, as I dived into the tool and put it work I was immediately impressed.
The software works by taking proven selling phrases and combining them
to instantly generate winning ads. You can even input your own selling
phrases and have the software pop-out personalized ads.

All it takes from your end is a few clicks of a button!

But, Ad Word Generator doesn’t stop there. Probably, the most valuable
feature is that it offers a system to manage all of your ads in an organized
way. The software then uploads any ads you want right into your account
with only a few clicks of a button.

And before it does that, the software even checks your ads to make sure
they meet all of the advertising guidelines.

In other words, this tool is a real time saver. It takes the guess-work out of
creating your ads and makes it a point and click job.

As a result, it easily saves hours a week if you have more than one
campaign… and when you’ve got to run a business (where every minute
counts), then this tool is a must-have.

So, the bottom line is… If you want a shortcut to profiting from AdWords,
then this tool is a legitimate solution. You no longer have to stress over
coming-up with good ads and just let this point and click solution make
dominating AdWords a breeze!

You can pick-up your copy at:

AdWords Generator

New Click Button Solution To Getting Listed In Major Affiliate Directories

Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to recruit active
affiliates. They’re free to get listed in and packed with traffic because
they get top positions in the search engines.

Moreover, the reason they’re so important to get listed in is that when
affiliates go to directories, they’re usually looking for a program to begin
promoting right away. This means the affiliates you get from directories
are likely to quickly generate sales for you.

This is opposed to most affiliates you get that produce little or nothing.

The problem with affiliate directories is that submitting your listings to
them takes forever. You have to literally copy and paste hundreds of lines
of information when you submit to only a dozen of them.

And this is where Instant Affiliate Submitter comes in to save the day.

Instant Affiliate Submitter is a click-button submission tool that quickly
lists your affiliate programs in all of the major directories with ease!

It has two submission settings, automatic and semi-automatic. The
automatic submission allows you to simply fill-in your information and
click a button to get listed in a set of top directories.

The semi-automatic mode fills in your information into the forms (no
more copying and pasting) and you just click the submission buttons.

So, how well does Instant Affiliate Submitter work?

Well, I put it to the test and was immediately thrilled with results.

With the automatic mode, I just clicked start and was done in less than 10
minutes! Work that would have taken hours to do manually was
completed in a tiny fraction of the time.

Then, I moved onto the directories in the semi-automatic mode and
submitted to dozens of directories in less than 30 minutes! Best of all, the
only thing I had to do was click a few buttons.

Simply put, if you have an affiliate program or are always developing new
products, then Instant Affiliate Submitter is a life-saver.

It transforms a tedious and time-consuming effort into a point and click
job you can accomplish at lightning fast speed.

Other useful features included the ability to schedule future submissions
and the ability to mass select a general category where you want your
listings to appear.

These features are huge time-savers when you have more than one
program you want to submit.

And this relates to what I like best about Instant Affiliate Submitter.
Instead, of having to spend your valuable time doing a job that’s long,
boring, and tedious, you can put it where it’s need most… doing what you
love most!

Go-ahead and pick-up your copy at:
Instant Affiliate Submitter

Get TOP Search Rankings With Little Known Secret

In order to attract the "right" kind of viewers (and TONS of them), you need to do ONE thing. You need to optimize your pages for search engines. Why? Because there's one thing that will never change...

Viewers will ALWAYS conduct searches using specific keywords! And that's something you absolutely MUST take advantage of.

But what if you're new to all this? What if you don't have the knowledge or experience necessary to properly implement search engine optimization?

No problem...

Traffic Equalizer will do all the work FOR you!

The Traffic Equalizer Advantage...

With Traffic Equalizer...

You're guaranteed to attract the "exact" viewers YOU happen to be looking for.

There's no way you can mess things up! Do it half-heartedly and you'll STILL generate tons of highly targeted traffic.

In only a matter of minutes, you can optimize pages for 50 keywords or 5,000. It's entirely up to you.

And get this... unlike other SEO techniques, you NEVER have to choose between keywords or labor over which ones will be the most effective. Simply throw any related keywords into the mix and let them ALL work for you.

After all, you'll be able to create 1,000's of keyword optimized pages with the touch of a button. So why NOT take advantage of each and every related keyword? Just think of the kind of traffic you would enjoy...

Assuming you used 1,000 keywords and each one brought in 25 visits a month (a VERY conservative number), your website would ultimately receive 25,000 unique and highly targeted viewers on a monthly basis!

Traffic Equalizer

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Benefits of Blogging For Money

Even if you are new to the internet and internet marketing you have surely heard or read about the blogging craze that is happening on the internet. People blog for many reasons ranging from personal journal entries, political impetus, information aggregation, customer research and last but not least for money. Many people today are making a healthy income by using blogging as a means to develop income. If you are new to making money online or even if you are an experienced internet marketer there exists at this time an amazing window of opportunity for people to make money using blogs.

Let’s start by explaining why blogs are the latest craze in the internet world. In the not to distant past the only way someone could have “real estate” on the World Wide Web was to own a website. In order to create a website one either needed to learn how to use programs such as Dream Weaver to create a website or hire someone else to build it for you. Either way you would have to spend time and money to create a space on the web. Google and some other companies changed all of this when they made programs such as, making it easy for anyone to own a piece of “real estate” on the web. Even my off line father could get online and go to and create a blog for our family. If my father can create a blog, anyone can go onto the web and now create a space where they can generate revenue from the internet.

Blogging Expert

Not only are blogs easy to set up and start but they are also loved by search engines due to their dynamic nature. Search engines understand that blogs are constantly being updated with new and pertinent information. They consider this to be time sensitive information so they visit and index a blog each time there is a new post. This makes it much easier for a blog to get listed in the search results which means more traffic for your blog.

If you aren’t using blogs to create money for you online, now is the time to act. Below I will explain just a couple of ways people are making money with blogs.

Blogging Expert

Sell Advertisements on your Blog: This is probably the most common way to generate income from your blog. After you create a blog and post to it regularly your blog will start climbing up the search engine ranking bringing you traffic. If you place advertisements on your blog you will be able to capitalize on the advertisements. You can advertise using programs such as Googles Adsense. Google Adsense works especially well for niche blogs.

One way that you can pick a profitable subject to blog about is by doing some keyword research. First make a list of topics that you are interested in blogging about. With your list go to Overture’s BidTool and see what people are paying for ads based around your keyword. Pick your blog topic by finding the keyword with the highest bid amount. This will give you an idea of how much money you can make from your Adsense campaign on your blog.

Blogging Expert

Help Others Sell Products: Affiliate programs allow you to become the middle man between a product and the customer. Look at affiliate directories such as Commision Junction and Clickbank to find products related to your blog that you can sell directly on your blog. Most affiliates pay a generous commission every time you sell one of their products. It’s very easy to refer people to an affiliate product on your blog and if you present it correctly you will be surprised at how many products you will sale.

Above I’ve listed only two ways you can start generating money from your blog but there are many other ways to use blogs to generate income and page ranking. The time to look into blogging is now. There is an open window of opportunity for the non-experienced and experienced internet marketer to make money using blogs.

Blogging Expert

Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging

Now that blogging seems to be in full swing, there’s a predominant question in every blogger’s mind – how do I make MORE money blogging?

The blogging world is a gold mine for the person who knows what he is doing. Tips and techniques can be shared and methods learned for making money with blogs , however, you cannot make money Blogging until you start trying. So, the first thing to do is plunge straight in and start trying to monetize your blog.

Ads ads and more ads:
If your blog is catering to a niche market and you are providing valuable content, there is an easy way to make money blogging – sell ad space! Even large corporations are on the lookout for ad space on blogs that have a good following. After all, Blogs are all about public opinion. If you let others advertise on your blogs with banner ads, sponsor ads, solo ads and classifieds, you can start earning money by blogging.

Google AdSense is another attractive option if you want to make money blogging. Google’s Adsense program makes it easy to advertise on your Blog. You get paid for every time someone click on an adword campaign located on your blog – not a bad way to subsidize your blogging income!

Endorse, promote and link:
‘You rub my back, and I rub yours’. Joint venture marketing is a powerful marketing strategy. By entering into joint venture, you basically promote or endorse certain products. The profits from these sales are split. If you have a loyal following a joint venture is easy because people want to JV with you.

Affiliate marketing is another way in which you can make money blogging. When you come across a product that is related to your blog recommend the product to your readers by linking to it. If they click the link and a sale takes place, you get a percentage of the profit. Some products can really make you a lot of money.

The membership model:
If you own a blog that provides quality content, you can think of converting it into a membership based blog. Once you have hooked your readers on your blog content, they will find it difficult to stop reading your blog. If you make your blog a paying member’s only blog they will pay to gain access. However, this can be done after you have established your blog and convinced readers that your blog is worth paying for.

Convert Blog into E-Book:
Sell your blog content in more ways than one by converting them into e-books. If you cater to a niche market, there usually is a great demand for an ebook on the topic. Converting your blogs into content that can be sold will help you earn extra money blogging.

Ask for money:
You do not have to pound away at your keypad for free. If you have a blog that caters to a need or fights for a cause, do not hesitate to ask for a little monetary appreciation.

Recently, one blogger was able to leave his day job for ‘uniterrupted Blogging’ by cashing in on donations sent by his supportive readers.

If you have decided that you are blogging for money, do so whole heartedly. Place your Ads where people can see them, not in some half-hidden corner. If you are asking for a donation, ask loudly, don’t just leave an add or donation button sitting on your blog half-heartedly. There is no need to feel apologetic or defensive about making money from your blogs. After all, if you have started a blog that gives people something they want, you have every right to get paid.


Make Blogging a Profitable Home-Based Business

The Blogging Craze is on! So how do you take advantage of the Blogging Craze and create a profitable home based business by blogging?

Below I list a few things to start you on your way..............

Make a List of Topics that Interest you:
It is best to choose something that interest or possibly excites you. Do not choose something merely for the sake of pulling down big bucks. Up ahead of you are many ‘happy’ hours of research and writing. Make a list of your topics.

Find a paying keyword:
From your list of topics, start doing some keyword research. Use tools such as Overtures Keyword Selector Tool to pick out well searched Keywords that relate to your chosen list of topics. The topics that have keywords with the most searches last month will be your most profitable topics.

Set Up Your Blog:
It’s easy to set up a blog. Do a search on google for free blogging and you will find a list of places you can go to on the web to create free blogs. These free sites do a great job at explaining how to set up your blog.

Start writing:
Once you have identified your keywords, you are ready to start writing. What makes blogging so easy is that it is almost like writing a personal journal. Just be passionate and true to yourself. Use your chosen Keywords often in your writings and posts (this helps your search engine ranking).

Place Ads on your Blog:
So your blog is up and you’ve made your first posts. Now it’s time to put some advertisements on your blog. I recommend starting your advertising campaign by placing Adsense on your blog. Well placed Adsense campaigns on your blog will start bringing in money.

Another way to make money on your blog is by selling affiliate products. Use services such as Clickbank or Commsion Junction to find products you can sell that are related to your blog. Once you find some products place an ad on your blog selling the product. Most affiliate splits are at least 50% commission. If the product you are advertising on your blog sells for 50 dollars you will probably make at least 25 dollars every time you sell the product from your blog.

Hopefully the above information helps you understand a little bit more about how one can make money from blogging. The blogging craze is on! You can learn to cash in on this craze. It takes some learning and dedication but it’s rare for such an opportunity to exist for the average non-techie internet user.

Click Here For Blogging Expert

Use The Power of Blogging To Get Listed In The Top Rankings For Search Engines

Recently I read a book written by my friend Danny Warner and was amazed to learn his techniques for getting listed in the top rankings of the search engines. In his book he explains how anyone can drive enormous amounts of traffic to their websites with zero costs.

I know that the above statement sounds a little fishy but upon reviewing his teachings I realized that Danny Warner has written about blogging secrets that up until now only a few people have known about.

Danny explains step by step in a very easy to follow guide how you can use blogging to get your website to the top of the search rankings. He not only explains how to optimize your rankings on the search engines, but he also explains how to make money by using the power of blogs and affiliate marketing.

Anyone looking to make money on the internet or increase search engine rankings should take the time to read Danny’s book.

Blogging Cash Machine

The Top "Movers And Shakers" On the Internet

Every so often a book comes along that is well...a steal.

Today I want you to take a peek at "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income" by Dan Lok.

It shares the details of how some very ordinary folks are working from home on the Internet and earning some extraordinary income.

I just finished reading it myself and can confidently say that you'll be hard pressed to find a book with this much help, being sold so
ridiculously cheap...............

It's a revealing "how they did it and how you can too" book and one you should add to your virtual bookshelf. It's on mine!

TOP Online Income Earners

How Ordinary People Are Making "REAL MONEY" On The Internet

I've sifted through a ton of books, Ebooks, emails, newsletters, and blogs…and endured tons of boring mp3's and CD's on one subject…how to get RICH off the Internet.I'm no different than most people. I see the "streets lined with gold" that makes up the "Information Superhighway" and I want to find out where I can buy a ticket…a REAL ticket that leads to financial freedom.

But so far, I've only been exposed to a thimble-full of really good, practical advice that I've been able to apply to my online business and really see work. Unfortunately, for the amount of money that I've paid for that advice, you would think that I'd be driving a Rolls, living large-and-in-charge like the "so-called gurus" who are supposedly using these "secret techniques" to create "a million
dollars in 30 days"…or some such nonsense.

I'm beginning to think they're all FULL of CRAP. So it's with this (frankly negative) attitude that I that I initially looked at Dan Lok's new eBook:

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income


Dan's story is nothing short of incredible. At 19, he dropped out of college, came to the U.S. with no contacts, could barely speak English, and began bagging groceries just to make ends meet. A few years later he's become insanely rich…all because of Internet Marketing. He's now known as the "World's #1 Website Conversion Expert".

Dan has worked very hard for his online achievements, and it unnerves him that there are so many so-called gurus who are peddling get-rich-quick schemes that he knows are a simply emptying the wallets of opportunity seekers, like
he used to be.

Dan's been in the trenches for years and knows EXACTLY what it takes to get rich on the internet, starting with very little skill, talent, and even less money. That's why he compiled the book.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

I knew immediately by the title of the book that it touched a nerve for me…I was dying to hear REAL stories about REAL people. The kind of people I can relate to…people who aren't especially beautiful or smart or talented. "Ordinary" people like ME…who, at the very least, believe that if we're shown HOW to do something, and we put our minds to it to applying this knowledge(and a little bit of finances)…that we
WON'T get rich overnight…but we WILL eventually get rich by sticking to a plan…maybe in six months, a year, five years, whatever it takes.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

Here's just an example of the "types" of people I'm talking about:

* A former soldier and college dropout
* A dentist
* A personal trainer
* A real estate agent
* A guy who worked at a printshop
* A freelance writer
* …and more

All "ordinary" people who were struggling to get by, many of whom had very little, if any money to get started with their internet businesses. But, after years of persistence and trial-and-error, they've grown their businesses into money-making
machines, while enjoying the time-freedom and relatively stress-free lifestyles that only a thriving Internet business can provide.

Personally, I think Dan's NUTS to let this tremendous wealth of use-it-now-and-profit
information go at this bargain-basement price…but I'm glad he did!

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Benefits of Multiple Streams Of Income Online

For years now the top ‘net marketers have been keeping a deep dark secret. While they were teaching you the old school way to profit online, they were researching, testing, and producing an amazing income with more modern techniques.

Now they’re ready to unleash their knowledge and let you in on what they’ve learned. It’s called The Multiple Streams of Income System and it bucks tradition that says you have to get good at 1 thing.

In recent years, marketers have started to realize that if their unbelievable profits were flooding in using one system, why not create more? They started
sharing success stories and letting each other in one some secret maneuvers – and now you can gain access to this information and copy their success! The Multiple
Streams of Income System
is a step-by-step guide that allows you to pick and choose which income producers you want to use. Some can start generating cash within
15 minutes while others take a bit longer to launch.

This system is valuable to those who’ve never made a penny online – but also to those who are having incredible success and simply want to expand their online empire...........................

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

Data Entry Work...
Processing Ads Online...
Website Click's Processing...
A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Product Creation...
Action-Based Affiliate Techniques for Generating Instant Income...
Participatory Online Income Strategies...
The Internet Marketing Side to eBay...

Multiple Streams Of Income

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Guy Makes Over $120,000 Per Month Online With Google

As we all know, search engines are becoming more complicated by the day and competition is only growing. Unfortunately, for most people this means that we are going to have to bid more for our advertisements and suffer lower ad rankings. Right?

Well except for this guy…

I found a website by a guy named Steven Holdaway, who is a Certified Google Advertising Professional. This is something I have barely even heard of. These professionals are supposedly the elite of the elite and there are currently less than 700 of them in the world.

That’s not even what makes this guy stand out either. This guy makes over $120,000 per month online as an affiliate. He uses his advanced advertising skills to turn regular Google AdWords accounts into multi-million dollar accounts! See Proof:

See Earnings Here!

I know, at first I didn’t believe this either. That was until I saw the proof on his webpage. He had one screenshot of his Google Account and in 14 days his ads were shown to over 38 million people and he had nearly 300,000 people visit his website! Get this, his average cost per click was only $0.08! I’m paying nearly twice that and I’m no where near 1% of the traffic he’s receiving.

See His Google Accounts Here!

Well, as I was reading his website, I saw that you could email him and the website says the he personally answers all the emails himself. So I decided to ask him about Google’s new advertising policy and how it affected his campaigns. I didn’t get too excited about it because I knew he wouldn’t reply, but I checked my email later that night and he had personally replied to my email. He told me that the advertising techniques contained in Google Money Pro were so advanced and precise that the new policy change doesn’t even affect it. Apparently this guy had solved the problem before it even affected the rest of us!

Anyway, this guy wrote a book on mastering Google AdWords, called “Google Money Pro”. I bought it and read it and I was amazed at the material in it and how clear and easy to follow it was. It even had screenshots showing you what to do. It’s so easy to understand that he basically takes you by the hand and shows you everything. I’m greedy so I’m not going to share any of it, but feel free to check it out for your self by clicking on the following link:

Google Money Pro

I Believe Making Too Much Money Bother People

According to Internet marketing specialists, the Internet has introduced a new level of efficiency to the survey industry now that survey respondents can take these surveys from the comfort of their homes using just their computer and an Internet connection.

This has become such a lucrative home-based business that some people are working with multiple survey companies and earning a full-time living from the comfort of their home. And it doesn’t cost them a penny to do it. The survey company pays them!

Whether you like it or not YOUR opinion is worth gold to companies that need to
know what services and products attract regular consumers like you.

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Because big companies spend billions of dollars on advertising and launching new products, they can't afford to make a mistake. That's why they're willing to pay consumers for their opinion. The cost of paying you is far less than the money they'll lose if they "get it wrong" out in the marketplace.

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I haven't even mentioned a little thing called "Focus Groups" or "Product Study Forums" as they're sometimes called.

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Virtual Real Estate

Anyone That Knows Adsense knows that "Its a Numbers Game". The more websites you have, the more adsense ads you can advertise and make money..................

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When people think of "Real Estate", they think of property such as houses, office buildings, hotels, duplexes, etc......


Have you heard of VRE?

VRE (virtual real estate) is a term that you should familiarize yourself with, because you're going to be hearing a whole lot more about it in the years to come.

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