Thursday, March 29, 2007

Work Less & Get Paid More-Vs.-Work More & Get Paid Less

Have you ever noticed how the people who make the most are the people work the least???

What do they know that you don't? What are they doing that your not?

(Here's some facts..............)

Fact #1 -- Most people are working too hard to make any real
money online!

Fact #2 -- Most people spin their wheels and put in a lot of hours, but at
the end of the day they don't have much to show for it.

Fact #3 -- A few people don't work any harder than they have to... yet they make tons more money online and enjoy themselves a whole lot more than everyone else.

Who are these incredibly "lucky" people?

They're called "Lazy Achievers" - and I've found a breakthrough new ebook by Jim Edwards that teaches you their "secret" strategies, techniques and - most importantly - their mindset!

The Lazy Achiever's

Does this sound familiar?

The more you successful you get, the more *work* comes your way!

More Sales = More Hours = More Work = More Stress!

Now it seems all you did was just create another "job" for yourself on top of everything else!What happened to the hands-off, "remote-control" business
you thought you created when you opened the doors of your own dot-com?!
Well have no fear! No matter what type of online business you operate, help is on
the way. Jim Edwards is a man who's been where you are! He sold his first ebook way back in 1997 and steadily built his online business up from just a few hundred bucks in sales to now making as much in a single day as many online businesses make in a month (some even a year!) His ebooks have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and he is the co-author of the ultra-successful ebooks, "How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7 Days" and "33 Days to Online Profits". But he paid a *heavy* price. Jim was making a six-figure income, but he slaved away 14, 16 even 18 hours a day with no end in sight.The more "successful" he got -- the more work piled up on him!

Then one day it all changed...

Last summer Jim had a chat with someone he thought he knew quite well - and this amazing ebook grew out of that talk.

The person?

His own father! Dallas Edwards (Jim's co-author) is a man who brings to the table several decades of business experience in getting things done easier, better, faster, and cheaper in many different industries.

After some discussion Jim asked his dad a "point-blank"

"Can you really work less and make the same or even *more* money in less time?"

After his dad explained what would later become "The Lazy Man's 15 Principles for Success" Jim immediately knew there was a better way to run his online business.
Jim *immediately* applied these new-found principles to his existing business.

What happened next seemed almost like magic....

~ Within 24 hours he immediately eliminated 1-3 hours of time
wasted with email *every* day!

~ Within 2 days he finished a project in 4 hours he hadn't been
able to get done for 6 weeks!

~ Within one week he made an EXTRA $3,421!!

~ Within one month he took a vacation to the Bahamas - and made
enough money by "remote-control" while on vacation to make his
house payment when he got home!

~ Within 3 months his work day dropped to 4-8 hours a day
(depending on his current projects).

Don't you want the same results!?!

Less Work... More Money... More Fun!

"The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business" will teach you the techniques, strategies and, most importantly, the mindset of "Lazy Achievers".

Jim also got some of the brightest minds online to share their secrets for creating and operating super-efficient, money-making online businesses, including:

~ Jay Conrad Levinson - Mr. "Guerrilla Marketing"

~ Yanik Silver - "King of Copywriting"

~ Jonathan Mizel - "The Online Marketing Letter"

~ David Garfinkel - "Advertising Headlines that Make you Rich"

~ Joe Vitale - "Outrageous Copywriting Genius"

~ Larry Chase - "Web Digest for Marketers"

~ ... and 7 more!

These aren't skimpy little two paragraph interviews either!

These are *meaty* full interviews with highly successful people who reveal their best and *proven* techniques, tips, tools and strategies for making more money -- in less time -- and having a whole lot more fun doing it!

Get It All Here:

"The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business"


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