Saturday, March 10, 2007

Broke People Are Afraid Of Change

What if there really were a way to make good money without leaving your home and without spending a dime, but you missed out on it because you were afraid?

Afraid that I wasn't telling the truth.

Afraid that you'd have to take your credit card out yet again.

Afraid that you were going to read about yet one more impossible way to make money that just doesn't work.

That would be a shame because I know about a home-based business opportunity that really does work and it really is free. What's more...

There REALLY is no selling.

You REALLY CAN work your own hours.

And your REALLY DO NOT NEED any experience at all.

It's simple, it's free and it pays you real money.

Listen up...

I'm about to show you exactly how to get paid by simply giving your OPINION to big companies that are willing to pay to hear what you have to say about their products or services.

Instant Paid Surveys

And here's why they're willing to do it...

Smart business people know that they don't have the ability to guess about what their customers want or what they like. Remember "New Coke" and how badly it flopped?

Because big companies spend billions of dollars on advertising and launching new products, they can't afford to make a mistake. That's why they're willing to pay consumers for their opinion. The cost of paying you is far less than the money they'll lose if they "get it wrong" out in the marketplace.

And we've got the inside information about which companies are paying and how to sign up with them.

But it's not just a "list of lists" that we're talking about. Anybody can do a search and come up with endless pages of companies that want to give you the inside "scoop" on getting paid to take surveys. We're different.

We don't just gives you access to the companies. Every survey company we recommend is personally vetted by our team to make sure that they are 100% honest and above-board, and that they actually PAY you once you take the survey.

After all, even though taking surveys is quick and easy, and you do it all online right from your PC, we don't think it's fair for you to give your opinion and then get ripped off come payday.

And how big can that payday be?

Well, first of all, there's no limit on the amount that you're permitted to earn! These companies WANT you to earn a lot of money so you'll stay with them for a long time.

Instant Paid Surveys

But you're probably wondering how much each survey pays. That's a fair question.

Some surveys pay out less than $10; some are worth $15, $20, $35 or more. Plus some pay you in prizes and merchandise which adds to the excitement of this revolutionary way to make money from home.

Check this out...

2 surveys a day @ $20 per survey = $280 per week or $1,120 per month or $13,440 per year!

4 surveys a day @ $20 per survey = $560 per week or $2,240 per month or $26,880 per year!

6 surveys a day @ $20 per survey = $840 per week or $3,360 per month or $40,320 per year!

But the gravy train doesn't stop there!

I haven't even mentioned a little thing called "Focus Groups" or "Product Study Forums" as they're sometimes called.

These "Focus Groups" are like extended surveys except they require more of your time. You might be asked to actually use a product (you get it for free), or watch the company's new TV commercial and tell them what you think.

Because you have to make a greater effort, the rewards are greater as well. How much greater? Some focus groups pay as much as $100, $120, or more!

Sounds nuts, doesn't it? But it really is true!

Look, I know that you're tired of getting mislead and I know that you're tired of having your work-at-home dreams dashed by yet another scam. But trust me, I'm 100% real. This is a great opportunity whether you're looking for some additional money to help pay the bills, or you're looking for a replacement or primary income source so you can stay at home. This really works. There are thousands of people doing it and there's still room for you!

Find out for yourself how easy it is to start making real money simply by giving your opinion to the more than 6 MILLION companies who are eager to pay YOU just for telling them what you think. How much easier than that can it possible get?

Don't miss out on this just because you're afraid. There's no risk and everything is exactly like I said it is. You have my word on that.

There's money to be made and you might as well get your share, right!

Instant Paid Surveys


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