Friday, March 2, 2007

$34,004.76 In 7 Days Without a Product or Website

Secret Affiliate Weapon introduces you to knowledge and techniques which are suitable for beginners and the intermediate. It also lets you know how to advance effectively on your own, to know what additional information to search for.

At the start in Secret Affiliate Weapon, Ewen Chia gives you an excellent introduction to what affiliate marketing is, how to choose the correct affiliate products to promote and where to find them.

Ewen Chia then proceeds to show you different methods of driving traffic to your site. What I really like about his presentation is after explaining each technique in detail, he then recommends resources he used himself, grouping them by whether they are paid solutions or free resources.

Ewen Chia also structures the information according to your skill and knowledge level in Internet Marketing. He very clearly advises that you should try out the less expensive techniques of driving traffic to your website if you are new to Internet Marketing..............

Secret Affiliate Weapon


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