Friday, March 9, 2007

Turning Clicks To Cash

Every website owner goes through it. You set up your site, create great content and sign on to one of the many advertising programs that promise to provide a massive income while you relax with your laptop on your private beach in Malibu.

And then what happens? Either...

1. Your site serves ads that have nothing to do with your content and only the occasional confused user clicks on them,


2. Your ads are relevant but your monthly commissions are barely big enough to buy you a bar of candy.

If You’re Wondering Why Some Webmasters Are Making A Fortune
With Online Advertising Programs....

...while you’re barely earning enough to buy a bag of M&Ms, then you need to read Kontera AdLinks Secret, the latest book about profitable online advertising from AdSense expert Joel Comm.

Kontera AdLinks Secret

Joel Comm has already made a fortune figuring out the secrets of Google’s AdSense. After optimizing his site to make the most of Google’s contextualized ads, he saw his incomes rise from a paltry $30 per day to an enormous $500 per day!

After conquering AdSense, Joel has now turned his attention to Kontera’s AdLinks, a radical new advertising system that embeds ads into text for minimum user interference and maximum clickthroughs.

In Kontera AdLink Secrets, Joel reveals...

How to change the colors of links and tool tips, and choose the right colors to get the largest number of clicks;

Secret strategies to control the location of your AdLinks and the best places to put your ads;

How to use keywords to increase revenues and build profitable new Web pages;

The best number of ads to put on your AdLink pages;

Where to find crucial earning information you won’t find on your stats page;

How to plan and structure your content to encourage ad clicks;

And much, much more!

When you’re trying to turn your website into a cash cow, you need to have all the strategies, tips and secret techniques you can find. Joel Comm's Kontera AdLinks Secrets tells you everything you need to know to put AdLinks on your website and watch the money roll in!

Download YOUR copy of Kontera Secrets NOW!

Turn Clicks To Cash


Osman said...

nice site! i should visit this more often :)

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