Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Highly Targeted Visitors Can Do For Your Online Business

Today's online marketplace is changing as we speak. The
"good old days" of placing a Simple advertisement on Google
or Yahoo and getting highly targeted visitors to your site
for a dime are ending.

The reality is that the internet, and especially the large
flagship sites, have become a huge portal for people
searching for free content - "lookers".

That's right - "lookers". People that will never buy your
product. Regardless of what kind of value you throw at them.

Niche Advertising Secrets

Know this - "lookers" can kill your business! Why would
you throw a large chunk of your advertising budget into a
channel that prides itself on everything being "Free". It
doesn't make any sense.

Why "lookers" exist, and what you can do about it.

"Lookers" exist, quite simply, because they have caught
onto the fact that unless you are offering to deliver a
product to their doorstep, they really don't have to pay
for the information you provide.

Why do they feel this way? Because if you don't give them
the information they are looking for, someone else will!
That is a fact of increasing competition, and of selling
information products on the internet. The hard truth is
that, it's only going to get worse. Sure these lookers,
may sign up for your newsletter. Why not, it's FREE.

But when it really comes down to selling your product, you
really have to do one of two things.

1. Completely Stand out from the crowd. You have to
offer a product so niched, and so different that the
prospect can't get the information anywhere else. Leave
them no choice but to purchase from you if they want the

2. Realign your advertising budget to reach the people
the WILL buy your product or service.

Niche Advertising Secrets

Where do these prospects reside?

Where else? They reside on existing niched sites, and
here's your opportunity to make the really big bucks.

Just think about this for a minute. Imagine that you are
selling a book on how to coach little league baseball.
Where are your better prospects going to reside?

Option 1: Google and Yahoo - No way! Everyone and their
mother is posting their opinions on these sites about how
to coach little league baseball. Free content all over the

Option 2: A Niched site such as - Of course you have better
prospects on this site to buy your book. First, you are
riding on the reputation of probably the biggest little
league site on the internet. Plus, you've surrounded your
product with people that are most likely coaches, players,
or parents that want to be coaches.

The simple solution is to start advertising your product
on niched sites such as the above example. More likely than
not, it's not going to cost much more, but your overall
site profitability is going to soar.

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