Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Make Blogging a Profitable Home-Based Business

The Blogging Craze is on! So how do you take advantage of the Blogging Craze and create a profitable home based business by blogging?

Below I list a few things to start you on your way..............

Make a List of Topics that Interest you:
It is best to choose something that interest or possibly excites you. Do not choose something merely for the sake of pulling down big bucks. Up ahead of you are many ‘happy’ hours of research and writing. Make a list of your topics.

Find a paying keyword:
From your list of topics, start doing some keyword research. Use tools such as Overtures Keyword Selector Tool to pick out well searched Keywords that relate to your chosen list of topics. The topics that have keywords with the most searches last month will be your most profitable topics.

Set Up Your Blog:
It’s easy to set up a blog. Do a search on google for free blogging and you will find a list of places you can go to on the web to create free blogs. These free sites do a great job at explaining how to set up your blog.

Start writing:
Once you have identified your keywords, you are ready to start writing. What makes blogging so easy is that it is almost like writing a personal journal. Just be passionate and true to yourself. Use your chosen Keywords often in your writings and posts (this helps your search engine ranking).

Place Ads on your Blog:
So your blog is up and you’ve made your first posts. Now it’s time to put some advertisements on your blog. I recommend starting your advertising campaign by placing Adsense on your blog. Well placed Adsense campaigns on your blog will start bringing in money.

Another way to make money on your blog is by selling affiliate products. Use services such as Clickbank or Commsion Junction to find products you can sell that are related to your blog. Once you find some products place an ad on your blog selling the product. Most affiliate splits are at least 50% commission. If the product you are advertising on your blog sells for 50 dollars you will probably make at least 25 dollars every time you sell the product from your blog.

Hopefully the above information helps you understand a little bit more about how one can make money from blogging. The blogging craze is on! You can learn to cash in on this craze. It takes some learning and dedication but it’s rare for such an opportunity to exist for the average non-techie internet user.

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