Thursday, March 15, 2007

How You Can Take The Power of Forum Marketing To The Next Level

Forums are one of the most popular ways to advertise your website. This is because it’s not only a great way to get traffic and incoming links, but it’s also a fun way to network with others.

You get to post comments or ask questions. And, in return, you get instant traffic through your website link and you get to see the feedback others offer.

Plus, over time, you accumulate high-quality backlinks which helps you claim prized search engine rankings.

A downside of forums is that it often can suck-up your valuable time away from more important parts of your business.

You’ll find yourself spending countless hours reading and writing posts. As a result, any benefits you get out of forum marketing are outweighed by how much of your valuable time is taken away.

Forum Equalizer takes your comments or questions and automatically submits them to a built-in database of over 2,000 forums.

This means that the posts you create once get spread to far more message boards than you ever could have reached on your own.

So, instead of waiting months and years to accumulate a good amount of incoming links from search engines, you can do it in a matter of days!

Forum Equalizer is easy and simple to use. It does take some time to register for all of the forums because many require you to type in image pass codes (that software can’t do), but you can still get this task done relatively quickly because it does fill-in your personal information and click the forum submit button.

A good way to take care the registration is to outsource to a kid who can spend a few hours typing in the image codes.

Other than that, the software runs flawlessly. You just fill-in your comments and click a button to put the software into action.

For the best results, you should try to put in interesting comments with tips or to ask a question that provokes responses. Never just submit an ad.

With a good comment you will find that your posts stay-up for the long-run and for maximum search engine benefits.

To grab your copy and get a quick surge of incoming links, visit:

Forum Equalizer

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