Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How Ordinary People Are Making "REAL MONEY" On The Internet

I've sifted through a ton of books, Ebooks, emails, newsletters, and blogs…and endured tons of boring mp3's and CD's on one subject…how to get RICH off the Internet.I'm no different than most people. I see the "streets lined with gold" that makes up the "Information Superhighway" and I want to find out where I can buy a ticket…a REAL ticket that leads to financial freedom.

But so far, I've only been exposed to a thimble-full of really good, practical advice that I've been able to apply to my online business and really see work. Unfortunately, for the amount of money that I've paid for that advice, you would think that I'd be driving a Rolls, living large-and-in-charge like the "so-called gurus" who are supposedly using these "secret techniques" to create "a million
dollars in 30 days"…or some such nonsense.

I'm beginning to think they're all FULL of CRAP. So it's with this (frankly negative) attitude that I that I initially looked at Dan Lok's new eBook:

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income


Dan's story is nothing short of incredible. At 19, he dropped out of college, came to the U.S. with no contacts, could barely speak English, and began bagging groceries just to make ends meet. A few years later he's become insanely rich…all because of Internet Marketing. He's now known as the "World's #1 Website Conversion Expert".

Dan has worked very hard for his online achievements, and it unnerves him that there are so many so-called gurus who are peddling get-rich-quick schemes that he knows are a simply emptying the wallets of opportunity seekers, like
he used to be.

Dan's been in the trenches for years and knows EXACTLY what it takes to get rich on the internet, starting with very little skill, talent, and even less money. That's why he compiled the book.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

I knew immediately by the title of the book that it touched a nerve for me…I was dying to hear REAL stories about REAL people. The kind of people I can relate to…people who aren't especially beautiful or smart or talented. "Ordinary" people like ME…who, at the very least, believe that if we're shown HOW to do something, and we put our minds to it to applying this knowledge(and a little bit of finances)…that we
WON'T get rich overnight…but we WILL eventually get rich by sticking to a plan…maybe in six months, a year, five years, whatever it takes.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income

Here's just an example of the "types" of people I'm talking about:

* A former soldier and college dropout
* A dentist
* A personal trainer
* A real estate agent
* A guy who worked at a printshop
* A freelance writer
* …and more

All "ordinary" people who were struggling to get by, many of whom had very little, if any money to get started with their internet businesses. But, after years of persistence and trial-and-error, they've grown their businesses into money-making
machines, while enjoying the time-freedom and relatively stress-free lifestyles that only a thriving Internet business can provide.

Personally, I think Dan's NUTS to let this tremendous wealth of use-it-now-and-profit
information go at this bargain-basement price…but I'm glad he did!

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Income


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