Monday, July 27, 2009

The Internet CEO: Internet Credibility

I don't need the search engines for my traffic because I have "internet credibility". Internet credibility is when you can do your research on someone on the internet and a lot of information comes up. A person who is an expert at something can display their skills without speaking verbally. I'm over 12 years strong with this independent internet marketing and I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the internet. I know that there are a lot of internet marketers out here but who out here is utilizing their own "independent marketing tactics" to generate profit and sales? Who is out here in the streets everyday "guerilla marketing"? The internet is one of many of my spokesperson. I don't have to talk much because the internet knows who Carael "The Internet CEO" Knight is.

If you need some keywords to show you exactly what I'm talking about then type in any of these keywords (The Internet CEO, Carael Knight, majorenterprise, independent internet marketing, get rich independent, being broke is funny, make money via classified ads, etc...) in Google and look what comes back. As you can see and/or will see that I'm very well connected on the internet when it comes to building independent exposure and credibility. The media and critics can say whatever they want to say about me but "The Internet CEO" is here to stay! From the internet independent to national television mainstream, come check me out! When you have over 3 million results in Google total, you can't be too hard to find.

I don't need the search engines to make "independent money" when I can Get Rich Independent with guerilla marketing.


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