Monday, July 20, 2009

Internet Trafficking

What is Internet Trafficking?

Internet trafficking is basically a way of manipulating the search engines so that all of the traffic a website recieve is independent. Internet trafficking is a way to also "trap" the traffic and send it to a specific location in where you want it to go. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of independent traffic building but it is not the whole topic in itself. There is no one set way to build independent traffic but if you can follow these principles and tips, you should do just fine. Being honest with you, the search engines think that we as independent internet marketers "NEED" them, but they better think again. I don't have to be number one or be on the first page to steady pull in over six figures a month. You see, since the ranking of a website highly depends on content and links, building "quality" links going back to your site is another form of internet trafficking.

The biggest and best way to get independent traffic to your sites is to write a lot of articles that are highly optimized (keyword rich). Write the articles and implement them in your sites and your blogs just this one. The articles you write will work overtime in your favor in terms of rankings and traffic simultaneously. There is no one that knows your expertise and craft better than you do so all you have to do is write about it on the internet and the rest will be history. The money will follow.

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