Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Internet CEO - Independent Internet Marketing

Independent Internet Marketing

Everyday I’m Hustling! That’s right baby! Like the great rap artist Rick Ross says, “Everyday I’m Hustling”. I’m hustling from the internet independent to national mainstream exposure, everyday I’m hustling! I’m known as, “The Internet CEO” but you can call me an independent internet marketing mogul because I showed the world how to get rich online independently. For example, I could make $100,000+ in sales revenue overnight online independently and get it direct deposited into one of my accounts and no one would know. This is the power of how the internet pumps out millions in transactions everyday through ecommerce! The biggest thing about the internet marketing world and making a huge excess amount of money is you have to really pump traffic to your website(s). Just like in any other business, you have to build a buzz. I used a “franchise” formula and created it to fit my own hustle. I started out with just one website and expanded once I started making some “real serious” money online independently. Once I was able and in a position to start marketing to the world offline, the “mainstream” arena followed me because I have built such a reputable buzz on my own independently. This is hustling ladies and gentlemen, plain and simple. To me, hustling is when you can successfully figure out how to make money effortlessly from doing nothing.

Hustling and making money on your own is learning how to self-exploit yourself and/or your business. You cannot and will not gross dollar one if you don’t have a customer. You build customers by exposure. It is nothing to make money at something once you have fully learned the hustle. Look at how musicians in the music industry do. They exploit themselves everyday to make money. They have multiple streams of income set up from their music. They have basically learned how to get paid revenue from their music. From the traveling on tour concerts, to compact disks sales, ring tones, etc…they are grinding and hustling! The only difference between their grind and mine is it is just a different hustle! All I really do nowadays is travel around the world mainly promoting my website(s) and the sites sell themselves. My deepest grind and passionate hustle is the internet. I love the internet like it is my wife. My whole focus was to become known as somewhat of a legend on the internet. The internet industry was my way of creating my own niche and value in the marketplace. I mean who do you know “right now” off the top of your head that is really making moves, capitalizing on the internet and really taking it to the next level? I mean really, like national “mainstream” level and publicity? I basically went from being independent, making money online to nationwide record breaking sales and revenue all from ideas that I put together. Well, I’m that guy folks! Now, I know there are a lot of internet greats out there but I’m really trying to become known for it like Russell Simmons was to hip hop. Even though I cannot take the credit for actually creating the internet (thanks to a guy named Tim-Berners Lee) but I’m that guy to take it to the next level and push it to the limit! In my life, I have never experienced a better more productive way to accumulate insane amounts of money without utilizing the internet! Since the internet is the best way to do business internationally, the internet is the way of the future!

Independent Internet Marketing

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