Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Internet CEO, Carael Knight - "I'm The Mike Tyson of the Internet"!!!

They may try to immitate and often duplicate me but the world wide web is talking! The internet doesn't lie! Listen, if you do your research and due diligence on me, "The Internet CEO", you will see for yourself that I am the undisputed truth! I am the Mike Tyson of the internet! Who have millions upon millions of results coming back for the name "The Internet CEO" in Google!? All you will see is "Carael Knight"! I don't have to say nothing, I'll just let the online world be my spokesperson. I'm just like going up against Mike Tyson in the boxing arena except I'm online. If they're is anyone out there is perpetrating a fraud with the name "The Internet CEO", then you best better know your craft because I play to win! I'm talking a good $100,000 a month, all "liquid" baby!

Look, to all you "wanna be" Internet CEO's that want to try and make money online off of my brand name, I have been doing this internet thing for well over 12 years now and how long have you imitators have been doing this? I smell a bunch of amateurs? What kind of reputation do you have? Who have you worked with that can vouch for you online and offline? What kind of credentials do you have? Where are your stripes? Did you guys even know that you have to earn your stripes?? I don't know about you other clowns but I have the internet behind me! They know who I am and like I said before, the internet is talking! You all better learn how to market and make a million independent before you start competing with an independent internet marketing expert!

As the great Denzel Washington said in the movie, Training Day,

"KING KONG AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON ME, "The Internet CEO, Carael Knight" that is!!!!!


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