Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Rich Independent: I Don't Need The Search Engines

This blog is for all of you who would like to learn how to get rich independent without the search engines! Do you guys really think or believe us independent internet marketers need you??? Do you really think that we have to be on the first page to generate a substantial income?? Well, I got news for you, WE DON"T!!!! Since I'm the truth as "The Internet CEO", I had to write a blog about this.

I don't need the search engines or have to be dependent on the for my traffic. Any experienced internet marketer know that you need other effective sources of traffic coming in than from just the search engines. To me, the search engines are like a "credit card". Some people live off a credit card but I don't. In terms of the internet and internet marketing, a lot of people highly believe that you have to be either number one or on the first page to recieve the same amount of traffic (if not more) than the webmasters that are actually on the first page. It came to one point in time that I had 1.5 million results in Google for my name: "Carael Knight" but they took me off. It didn't really matter though because my sales and revenue still stayed the same.

Don't never get caught up in this "traffic trap" because just like you can market online, you can maket offline as well and still recieve a steady amount of traffic to live off of.

Being Broke Is Funny!!!! and paying bills is a joke!!!!


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