Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Don't Believe The HYPE!!!!!

Listen, a lot of people are constantly "whining and complaining" about how bad the economy and the recession is (blah, blah, blah) but I can tell you right now, it isn't affecting the people who actually "HAVE MONEY"! It is only affecting people who live on a day to day financial crunch! If you are broke right now, it doesn't matter what the economy does, you will still be broke! If you are broke right now then apparently, you have been in a "recession" all of your life! From my understanding, recession means, "a slowdown of economic activity or an economic decline", BUT WHERE THOUGH?! I SURE CAN'T SEE IT AND I'M SURE THAT NOBODY ON MY TEAM CAN SEE IT?!

My question to YOU is, "how can there be a decline in economic activity when some people are steady getting RICH (richer) everyday"?

Their economy is GOOD!!!

Most wealthy people don't even know what a "recession" is! Now, I'm not saying that the recession do not affect the upper class, I'm just saying that the people who are mostly affected by it is the middle to lower class society.

For example, if you were to lose your job tomorrow and if that was your only source of income, your economic status would "dramatically plummet"! The majority of America is like this! Also, because of how the economy is, this is the exact reason why we "should" be looking into pursuing a profitable home based business so that we can become financially independent and not depend on a (just over broke) job or the lottery to make us who we are financially. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, this thing called "job security" is really becoming a thing of the past! I will say this again,


You better get with the program and FAST before "YOU" get laid off and kicked out on the street! Listen, I can relate, back when I was broke, I used to use the "recession talk" but I have news for you, the "recession talk" is just a "cop out" and an excuse for us to remain lazy, remain poor and not change our financial position!

Believe it or not, how the economy is right now has nothing to do with how "our" (own personal) economy is!

Since rich people understand how money works, they know how to create their own economy. Since poor people only understand how to work for money, the economy creates them and therefore, controls them. Now think about that for a second....... If it was "true" that the economy affected everyone in the same way then nobody would be RICH and everybody would be poor since 90 to 95 percent (majority) of America is poor and drowning in debt...............

We NEED to get with the Program People!!!!


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