Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Internet CEO - Make Money Online With Cash Gifting

Even though cash gifting has been around for many years, the market is still untapped. Right now as you read this, there are everyday, ordinary individuals who are recieving CASH to their doors from gifting! I truly believe that cash gifting is going to be the next big boom! A lot of people may not believe in it but people send and recieve gifts everyday! Sending a gift to someone or recieving a gift is tax free! The reason why it is so powerful is because the government doesn't see it as income. If you due your due diligence, you will see that I'm not making this up.

Some of the best lawyers across the country have thoroughly reviewed and evaluated cash gifting and they even gave it the okay! This is why a lot of people are becoming six to seven figure monthly earners so fast because of cash gifting being tax free. I don't think the government even know or realize that so many people are becoming extremely wealthy from cash gifting! People are generating gifts of $1500, $2500, $3500, $5500, $7500 and even up to $10,000 on a daily basis! All they are doing to recieve CASH is simply mailing out cheap postcards and/or placing ads in national magazines.

The Economy

Now is the time to get involved in a profitable home based business because we can no longer depend on a job to keep us afloat! Job layoffs are becoming fierce and even the big fortune 500 companies are laying people off! Job security is really becoming a thing of the past. If we don't do something soon, I truly feel that this nation will be in a great depression! Now I do realize that we have a powerful President in office and he can produce change but we first have to change (as the people) the way we think. Now don't get me wrong, this economy is bad but this does not mean that "our" economy has to be bad too. The economy became terrible a long time ago when all of these banks giving out these "bad mortgages" to people who they knew could not afford it in the first place! But who are we to blame? The banks or the people? We have to get financially educated and realize that we have to STOP being so dependent on the bank, mortage companies, and creditors. We must understand that they are all trying to rip us off in the end. At the end of the day, we are all we have got as a nation.


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