Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings Dramatically

For any experienced internet marketer, they know that the search engines change their algorithms all the time (especially google). If you have made any changes on a website, it usually takes around 30-90 days for the search engines to re-calculate the rankings on a site. Sometimes even more but this is generally the golden rule. But I have found over the years as an internet marketing expert that there are some things you can do to dramatically increase your rankings in a very short period of time.

Here are some ways to increase your rankings dramatically:

1. Link to sites that are related to your topic/theme/niche

2. Link to sites that are of the same (PR) pagerank (but preferably of higher page rank)

3. Write as many articles as you can talking about your industry/product/service

4. Submit to article directories (here is a link that I used many years ago that promoted one of my websites and gave it an excellent online presense! Article Marketer. This has also been a big contributor of why I have over 1.5 million results in Google for my name "Carael Knight". The service can also write articles for you for a small fee and submit them to over 20,000 editors, publishers, and writers on autopilot!

I would say that these four are MAJOR ways in really increasing your rankings. They have worked for me and I know that they will work for you no matter what your selling on the internet. I truly believe that you can go very far online if you just "know the basics".

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