Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How To Improve Your Article Marketing

Thanks to the advent of article marketing, everyone, including those who do not have the money to cover for their advertising cost, now has the fair chance of dominating the online arena. This effective marketing tool, which you can use for free, only requires determination, perseverance and passion. If you care to do the process right and if you spend quality time perfecting the craft, you can be assured of instant success online.

Here’s how you can improve your article marketing:

1. Know the importance of using captivating titles. You have to believe expert article marketers when they tell you that 98% of your success in article marketing will depend on the quality of your titles. You can get more people to open and read your articles if your headlines are interesting and attention-grabbing.

2. Take advantage of your article summary. Most article submission sites, will not allow you to post your copies online unless they have a brief article summary. Use this to your advantage and ensure that it is well-written and striking so you can further convince online users to read your articles in their entirety. In here, you can tell your potential readers the kind of information that they can get from your content and the benefits that it can offer.

3. Use inverted pyramid technique. It is very important that you convince your readers to read your articles in their entirety. This is to increase the chances of your resource box being clicked. It would help if you can present all the juicy information on the first paragraphs of your articles as online users will gauge the quality of your copies on your first 100 words.

4. Carefully choose your topics. I am sure you would want to drive only quality traffic to your website. That is why, I recommend that you focus on topics that can capture the attention of your potential clients. You may talk about their areas of interest, their burning questions, the things that they would like to learn, or their pressing issues. It would help if you can do a keyword research so you can easily figure out the exact information that these people are looking for when they go online.

5. Boost the number of your articles. This is one the best things that you can do in order to make your article marketing strategies more impacting. You see, when you post numerous articles online, you’ll be able to generate more inbound links that can lead to improved page ranking and increased traffic.

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