Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Internet Marketing Means To The Internet Marketer

Successful internet marketers know exactly how to market anything on the internet. And I do mean anything. They are the elite's of the internet. But how do you define a successful internet marketer? How do you determine one who truly knows his craft and one who don't? Any clue or ideas? Well, I will tell you. Are you ready? Here it is:

These are some signs to tell whether an internet marketer is truly an internet marketing expert and knows what he is talking about:

First and foremost, a successful internet marketer will have a proven sales track.

Second, a successful internet marketer will also have a nice size clientele that could recommend them if and when necessary.

Another big thing is to always do your homework on the person you do any kind of business with, period. The reason I say this is because there isn't any real legit internet marketers I know that "won't" stand behind their work if they have something to hide. Anybody that will stand behind there work 100 percent is always worth looking into in terms of doing business with.

But with saying all of this, at the end of the day, the biggest thing of all is, a successful internet marketer has to know there craft. In life, most people want to deal with nothing less than an expert in their chosen careers. If an internet marketing expert cannot provide quality service and quality information, the viewer will simply look elsewhere.

Look at it this way, its just like "going to a car mechanic for a haircut". In other words, you can't go to someone that doesn't know their trade or industry.

The Power Of Search Engine Optimization

A lot of so called internet gurus will tell you otherwise but as an internet marketing genius, I am here to tell you that there is really only a few ways. Are you ready for them? Well, its basically based on two key ingredients, links and content. You cannot receive high search engine rankings without links and content. You can "kill two birds with one stone" simply by writing articles with good keywords thus being your content. Just make sure that you have a link pointing back to your site somewhere within your article. I usually have my link showing 2-3 times throughout the article. This is the power of search engine marketing.

This is what will make or break any website. They have hundreds of software out there but to be honest with you, only one will help you to get to the very top. I will repeat myself, only "one".

You see, in order to rank high in all the top search engines, you will need organic search engine traffic. In other words, to simply put it, "type-in traffic". This is where people arrive at your website because they typed in a keyword or a phrase (from one of the search engines) that is relevant to your website, and because your site had proper search engine optimization (seo), your site shows up in the first few positions of the search results and gets the click-thru from the searcher. It's really that simple when it comes to search engine marketing!

Another small but effective technique of getting a better search engine ranking is to link to someone (a website) that is similar to your site. Just make sure that there page rank is the same or higher than your page rank. If you do not be careful in implementing this exercise, your website could be penalized and your rankings could actually decrease.


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