Thursday, April 3, 2008

How To Make Money Online Through Retail

There are a lot of options available to you if you choose to develop an online retail business. Whether you are seeking supplemental income or looking to create a full income-generating business, you can make money online.

Online retail businesses have become quite popular for entrepreneurs who do not have much capital to invest. It is a growing attraction for people who want to run a home-based business. It also works well if you are seeking a part-time solution to earning income while still having time for your family or your other ventures. And what better way to begin selling products made from your own creative talent or hobby?


Most people do not have the resources to secure even a few thousand dollars in a line of credit, much less obtain a bank loan and still keep the rest of their expenses in line. Some alternatives for raising start-up funds are:

* Tap into personal savings * Use a credit card for start up costs * Borrow from family who believes in you * Borrow from friends who may want to invest * Use a home equity line of credit

The next important phase of your online retail business is developing a game plan with a quality product, designing a Web site that will attract potential customers, and developing a winning marketing plan.

A Quality Product

One of the best ways to develop a product that will make money online for you is to seek out talented and skilled people who want to get in on the ground floor of a great and profitable idea. Working out the details may involve offering a percentage of sales earned or a percentage of ownership in the company.

It is also important to research the best methods for production of your product. You must find the least expensive, most productive and quality assured method in which to produce, package and ship your product in mass quantities.

What will be the best selling feature of your product? Ask yourself the following questions and determine which feature, or features, will be your best marketing tool.

* Is your product less expensive than most like it? * Do you intend to donate funds from your sales to a worthy cause? * What makes your product unique from other similar products? * What benefits can consumers expect from purchasing and using your products?

Designing a Web site

Your Web site is your virtual storefront. It will need to look fantastic and convey the personality of the product you are trying to sell. You have the option of spending a lot of money to invest in an expensive Web site or you may choose to find someone you know who is computer savvy to develop the site for you. Still another option is to create a Web site yourself through which to sell your online retail product.

It is possible to market through a Web site that you have either created yourself or have had developed for you at minimal cost. The key is to focus on the qualities that set your product apart from the rest and making use of your marketing resources.

Developing a Marketing Plan

Your top concern in marketing is understanding your consumers. Do your homework and find out what their preferences are. Some ways to do this are:

* Develop a focus group that critiques the product * Survey people who have used the product * Request feedback from new purchasers

You also need to focus on smart pricing if you plan to make money online from your product. One point to consider is that consumers generally have a point at which they will not spend a cent more for a product. Anything over that amount needs to promise added benefits or special features.

It is also a safe assumption through historical marketing results that if you price a product rounded off to $5.00, you will have moderate sales, while the exact same product priced at $4.99 will show twice the sales. It is amazing how much of a difference a single penny will make in your overall sales. A consumer has no problem paying an extra ninety-nine cents for a product, but paying a whole extra dollar will cost you the sale more often than not.

The bottom line is that you must understand your customers and how to reach them. With this accomplished, you can learn how to make money online through online retail sales.


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