Monday, July 2, 2007

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Placing Classified Ads

If you are serious about learning how to write classified ads, then you need to learn how to write a headline that shows the customer a benefit. A benefit headline shows your customer exactly what they will receive from you. It uses words like “how to,” “warning,” and “free report.” This instantly grabs the attention of the reader, causing them to want to learn more about your home based business.

Once you have drawn their interest, the next step is to create a desire in the customer to learn more. You may offer them a way to learn how to get rich, or you may offer them a chance to win a prize or even a free gift. This desire will cause them to get in contact with you, visit your website, or sign up for your newsletter. But unless your headline grabs their attention, your ad will fail. Don’t make this mistake, an your business classified ads will be one of the most successful parts of your online marketing strategy.

If you are running a real home business, then you know the need for quality advertising that is at the same time affordable. You need your home business ads to bring in customers and new recruits, while at the same time not costing you a fortune. The internet is a great place to find advertising for your business. In fact, many sites offer free or low-cost business opportunity classified ads, but even if they are free, these ads will do nothing for your business if you don’t avoid this one mistake.


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