Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Google Is Paying "BIG MONEY" To The Public!!!!

The Internet Wall Street - Google Is Paying BIG Money To The Public

Everyone knows that Google is a multi-billion dollar company. The reason that Google is paying big money to the public is because Google is more than a search engine, there an advertising company. Google have created an advertising program called "Google Adsense". Google Adsense is a program where contextual ads are placed on websites and everytime someone clicks on the link to the ad, the advertiser gets paid. Getting paid from clicks can range from 10 cents to 5 dollars a click, sometimes even more. Five to six figure monthly incomes are constantly being
reported through "Google Adsense".

The sole purpose of Google Adsense is for the advertiser to get paid. Google gets paid too but they share their profits with the advertiser. So in theory, everyone makes money. Since its a numbers game, the more impressions (impressions are the amount of times your ad is shown) you have, the better. So in other words, "quatity" is the focus to make a lot of money with Google Adsense.

How To Make A Lot of Money With Google Adsense Without Doing Nothing

A lot of people wonder how can they make a lot of money with adsense without doing "literally" nothing. Well, there is a system in place for this. The system is setup to where the company technicians will build websites for you with a massive amount of webpages (over 300+ pages) and links that are centered around Google ads. Everytime someone clicks on anyone of the ads, you get paid. The money that is
made is totally on an around the clock autopilot. The best part about the Google system is they setup the whole thing for you.

Why Is Google Doing This For Everyday, Ordinary People?

Well, Google is basically saying to the advertiser that if you place our ads on your website(s), we will pay you a percentage of the profits.This way we (Google) makes money, you make money, and therefore everybody is making money. So its a "win-win" for all parties.

This is an amazing money making system that I would recommend to anyone looking to generate a profitable passive income on the internet.

This is an amazing program for anyone looking to make a substantial amount of income through GOOGLE.

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