Sunday, February 10, 2008

How To Make Money Online By Blogging For Cash

If you are trying to make money online and you are not properly using your blog then you are missing out on a great opportunity!

Free Advertising for Making Money Online

In the first place, your blog provides you with free advertising. You can post your ads there and you are not going to charge yourself. You can also talk about your product or service and how much people need it. Your blog can be a major factor in how you make money online.

Search Engine Rank

Secondly, a regularly updated blog will show up higher in search engine results than a stale blog. If a potential customer gets 100,000 search results, where do you want to be? In the top ten or bottom ten? Of course you want to be in the top ten. If you write search engine-friendly blog posts and update frequently, you can make more money online by simply being in a better search engine spot.

Never Neglect Your Blog

Are you using your blog to its full potential? Are you letting it go stale? How many posts do you make a day? Or is the better question, how many days do you let pass between posts?

Generate Income Through Ads

Thirdly, a blog can generate income through ads. Some blogs generate more income than others but this can be another chance for you to gain some extra cash. You can allow banner ads, Adsense ads and other forms of advertisements on your blog. Sure, you want to make money online by selling your product or service but if can make money off others' ads on your blog, are you going to turn it down? When you are trying to make money online, take the money where it is.

Blog for Cash

Fourthly, there are companies that will pay you to write a blog post about them. Most of them require non-paid content before and after the paid blog post but if you are updating your blog properly, that will not be a problem. Sometimes these paid blog posts pay extremely well and sometimes they pay just a little but when you want to make money online, you know that everything adds up.

Finally, you can link to other bloggers who run home-based businesses and learn about what they are doing. Maybe you will see mistakes in their tactics and learn what not to do or maybe you will read about success stories and learn what to do. Either way, you will learn something!


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