Sunday, February 3, 2008

Companion Marketing And Make Money Online

Companion marketing can make money online for you. All you need is to stretch your creative wings. The trick to companion marketing is trying to look at the big picture. By all means you need to focus your efforts on advertising in places that are directly related to your product or service. However, don't stop there! You can make money online by advertising tagalong or side services.

Think about a few of the things a new gardener would need: tools, seeds, top soil, fertilizer and plant food, pest control, watering tips, planting tips and even gardening clothing. Anyone who is interested in growing great tomatoes might be interested in knowing that companion planting lemon basil will enrich the taste of their tomatoes and possibly protect the tomatoes from some pests.

Advertising Online For Profits

There is one cardinal rule about advertising, know your audience. When you are placing the ads for your business, are you placing them in appropriate places? Are you trying to sell necklaces where people are talking about camping? That is not going to make much money online for you. You need to place your ads in appropriate places.

Companion planting and companion advertising work the same way. They are not the same thing but they work together for the same end. That end is, of course, helping you make money online. It is in your perspective at least. The tomatoes probably don't care if you make money online or not.

Seriously, do not limit your creative juices just to your product or service. Chances are you have put a lot of thought into what you are offering and it will sell itself. However, if you want to "make money online" and really make money online to support your family then you need to be even more creative with your marketing.


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