Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Internet CEO - OVER 100 Anticipated YouTube Videos

Thats right fans, family, and of my goals is to have OVER 100 YouTube Videos BEFORE the year 2011!!!! Since I have been marketing online independently for well over 13 years with various marketing platforms such as writing seo articles, videos, blogging, social media as well as link & traffic building. The Internet marketing world is always changing so that is why we have to stay current with the times.

Some of the benefits of Youtube Videos

Youtube videos is one of the biggest and best ways to get discovered and promote yourself, your brand, your company independently. Another benefit is leveraging the videos because once they are uploaded, they are then further syndicated to various of other video sites (viral video marketing). On the internet, its all about building bridges (links/traffic) coming to and from your site. By utilizing these few of many techniques, you will find that your website will start to rank higher and higher over a period of time and become a viable online business model....

The internet is so "wide-open", literally everybody is marketing themselves with Youtube Videos! For example, you can go to right now and see someone that simply recorded themselves just talking about their dog and generating over a million views, thats a LOT of exposure for simply talking about a dog!!! This is why we have to really become educated as online business owners and utilize things like Youtube to leverage our online businesses......

The Internet CEO Videos

- The Internet CEO


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