Friday, March 27, 2009

The Internet CEO - From Crawling To Climbing

Do you remember the old saying, you have to "crawl before you walk". Well, this is true in terms of business. Over the years I have learned so much about the internet and internet marketing. No matter what business/industry your in, its all about marketing. Marketing is the backbone of any business. You can have the best business but its useless if no one knows about it. Since this is my passion, I have dedicated my whole life to this. I dream, eat, and sleep the internet. And you know, when you truly have a passion for something, you do it from the soul. You do it from the heart. Even though the money does follow in the end, its NOT the final destination. Its about helping people and networking with individuals just like yourself who have a true interest in your industry.

The definition of "crawling to climbing"

The true definition of "crawling to climbing" simply means turning nothing into something. This is what a true hustler is/does. This is what a true Chief Executive Officer is/does. This is what an independent internet marketer does. A CEO "NEVER" depends on the aid of someone or something to make it what it is. For that matter, a CEO is never "dependent". If a CEO is "dependent", how can they stand on their on two feet?????

What I have learned as a CEO, is that "I am the business". Since the business is a reflection of me, I have to give that "extra" push and work "extra" hard in order for the empire to take shape. Every empire has got to start with a dream. You have visualize what you would like your business to be in the long run.......

The Internet CEO, Carael Knight