Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Internet CEO - Carael Knight Is The Truth

In my experience the best way to build a business is to just stay focused. Success is not a destination, its a journey. You will not become a millionaire overnight. You have to have a mission in mind as well as a plan. Every empire starts with a dream. Rome wasn't built overnight. The most successful people in the world are the ones who learn how to build businesses. They take one business model formula and perfect it, then duplicate. It's pretty simple. Its not easy but its simple.

A lot of people give up before they even started. This will keep you in the "poorhouse". Trust me. The fastest way to failure is remaining to not doing nothing at all. Some of the most successful people failed miserably. But the biggest thing that made there failures turned in success is by them not giving up and steady trying out new things in their chosen fields.

I lead by example so take me for example. Before I became the internet ceo, I couldn't even tell you or count how many times I fell on my face. A lot of people told me that what I was doing would never work. Critics told me that I needed to give up, go back to school and get a degree in something. I mean I had all kinds of hardships and adversities that you could only imagine. But my turning point was, in terms of a better future, I always knew that this was all I had to look forward to. So in reality, I had to this internet thing work. I was forced to succeed. No matter what the odds were, failure was not an option for me.

If you were to ask anybody that knew me or knew of me, they will tell you the same thing about me that I am and speak the truth. Everything is real about me and my story of success. Anyone that truly knows me can vouch for me. I been on my grind way before this internet thing took off for me. I mean I have been doing this internet thing for well over ten years now so I guess you can say that I have earned my stripes. Look me up on the internet. Google me. You will see that I am the truth. Hard work pays off so pay your dues.

To all the nonbelievers out here in the world, this has been a message from The Internet CEO, Carael Knight

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