Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Small Business Owners Can Make Every Dollar Count

"Small business owners recognize the value and importance of making their money work harder for them," says John Durrant, Card Marketing product executive for Bank of America. "And with close to 25 million small businesses across the country, this critical segment of the economy is looking for simple, easy-to-use tools to make the most of their dollars."From cashing in on rewards programs to learning smarter management practices, here are some tips for small business owners looking to stretch their dollars: Credit Card Rewards. The credit card industry virtually pioneered the rewards program concept now widely used by companies from hotels, rental cars and airlines to restaurants and online retailers.

Companies are making it easier than ever to redeem rewards. The latest innovation is a business credit card that gives small business owners double points for items they need most - like taking that important client out to a restaurant, making sure they can always fill the gas tank for their top sales producer or getting all their business supplies for the office. Bank of America's WorldPoints Rewards for Business has no annual fee and offers two points per every dollar spent at restaurants, business supply stores and gas stations, and one point per dollar spent for all other purchases.

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