Sunday, November 11, 2007

Internet Millionaires Have One Key Ingredient

Mostly all internet millionaires will tell you that in order to successfully market a website online, you need good conversion rates. In other words, you need traffic that will convert to buyers. What good is a massive amount of traffic but no one is buying??? But how do you convert the targeted traffic you recieve into buyers? Well, I'm pretty sure that you have heard in terms of how to successfully market online, "content is king". The more content you have and the more that you frequently update your website with new, freshly updated content, the more your potential customer will want to stay at your website. This naturally has a special effect where in my experience, the consumer will generally buy your product as an end result.

Always remember that the more content you have, the longer they will stay at your site and the longer they stay at your site, the more likely they will buy. So in essence, the key ingredient to successfully marketing any website online is to have a substantial amount of content as well as constantly updating your website with new content. Content is not only spider food for the search engines but it can also be food for your targeted traffic/visitor.


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