Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How An Independent Internet Marketing and Advertising Company Becomes Major Without A Major Deal

The e-commerce business is big business because you can become a major online authority without having any support from companies like ebay, amazon, and many other major product distribution channels while at the same time still remaining independent with your own website. In others words, you can make just as much money as the major online product distibution companies if the right marketing formula is successfully planned and in place.

With the internet being the same "stumping grounds" compared from the major online companies to the independent companies online, the only difference is the money they spend on advertising. Well, in terms of the internet, this means nothing. You don't have to spend millions of dollars on marketing something that can sell itself. A real product will not only sell itself, but it can make the millions of dollars that are being carelessly spent.......

Six figure monthly incomes (from an independent standpoint) are becoming more of a common thing among successful home based business owners.

What a lot of major online companies that distribute products will do is try to market and distribute your product for you and in exchange, give you a smaller percentage from what there making off the total sales from your own product. Its almost like they want to make more money off of the product that you created and make you feel like your getting a good deal because there distributing your product but in actuality, your getting the short end of the stick. Never short change yourself or your business. This is why it is best to stay independent unless the "majors" can make you an offer that your business can't refuse........

This company became Major Without A Major Deal with only two things: a shoestring budget and a multi-million dollar idea!


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