Thursday, June 21, 2007

How I Taught "The Rich Jerk" Everything He Knows About Making Money Online

A lot of "wannabe" internet marketers don't really know much about how to effectively market products and services online. They may think that they know but in order to really tell "who's-who" among the elite of the internet, its best to do your own research. As the old saying goes, "Actions have always spoke louder than words"!

I am definitely one of the elite's of the internet marketing world. Check out my article here:

How To Be The 350 Pound Internet Marketing Heavyweight

Its okay that "The Rich Jerk" is getting all of his recognition. I'm truly happy for him. I just know that in the back of my mind, he wouldn't be what he is today if it wasn't for people like me who have properly trained him........


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