Friday, February 2, 2007

Internet Million$

Internet Millions covers a wide range of topics and includes a chapter for the novice or beginner internet marketer. Chapter 3 was extremely useful for me, as well as the 45 page-chapter on Search Engine Optimization. I already have experience in SEO, but Ryan's e-book opened my eyes up to different methods which have been extremely successful in his SEO campaigns. The SEO section blew me away, and I would have purchased that info for three times the price of the e-book - just that one chapter is worth a lot of money. Ryan has a proven track record of success online, and he even sold a website for over a million dollars (sorry I cannot disclose the details due to privacy reasons related to the company which purchased it). Personally, Ryan is a down-to-earth, friendly guy who cares about the success of his customers (unlike many internet marketers out there today). I believe in his product and I highly recommend it.

Internet Millions

His story of success online as a super-affiliate marketer (making upwards of $40-70,000 dollars per month online) is inspirational and a true testimony that it is possible to achieve the dream of online success. People have huge dreams of making money online, but it takes more than just determination, willpower and hard-work. To learn what it takes to make a full-time income online can sometimes takes YEARS. Ryan Orrell created an e-book with more than 150 pages full of detailed information explaining exactly how he created a huge online empire and how you can do the same. It is not full of hype; but contains all of what he has learned over the past 8 years of successfully working online.

Internet Millions is a refreshing new kind of internet marketing e-book. I learned a new technique which will greatly increase my revenue. People contact me weekly with requests for me to review their online products. I don't normally have the time to read all of them, but fortunately I received and email and phone call from 32-yr old man named Ryan Orrell.

Internet Millions


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