Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Confessions Of An Adwords Profiteer

On Monday afternoon, I came across a website selling an ebook,
called Adwords Miracles. So far an average Monday afternoon, right?

You see, as a veteran internet marketer I probably read ten or
fifteen sales letters *a day*, and normally I just hit the back

But as I started to read, something strange happened. I just
couldn't pull myself away from the site, Apparently, this guy said
he could train anyone up to quit their day job purely using Pay Per
Click traffic, which is a pretty bold claim. The one thing that got
me interested most was the dozen or so testimonials from people who
had done just that, on some occassion within weeks.

As you can imagine, I'm really curious at this point, and so I
decided to make my investment and get hold of my copy.

So how did it fare?

Well, very simply, I couldn't stop reading it! I started taking
notes (in fact, I wanted to print off the entire ebook), and I got
very excited about what I can do with this information.

Adwords Miracle Guide

I had never heard some of these unorthadox techniques before, and
what amazed me most was that it was so deceptively simple. The kind
of stuff that you can do right away and see instant results.

But then, when I was done, I stopped for a second and thought: who
the heck wrote this, and why haven't heard about him before? I want
to tell everyone about this, but I was getting curious and so I
decided to do something I *very* rarely do.

Adwords Miracle Guide

I contacted the author personally, and thanked him for writing an
excellent book, and told him about my list. It turns out that the
entire book has only just been released in the last few weeks, and
so the techniques in it haven't hit the mainstream - yet. The
author is looking at promoting the guide quite heavily over the
next few weeks, and I wanted to get news out early to my valued

The Adwords Miracle book has my *highest* recommendation for anyone
interested in quitting their day job and becoming a full-time
internet marketer. I want everyone to take advantage of this
information - before their competition find out. Which is going to
happen very soon from the looks of the testimonials on the site.

I have sent this offer to everyone on my list, and so I suggest you
head over to Adwords Miracle Guide and claim your guide while the
techniques are still new and underused.

Believe me when I say, you will thank me.

Write to me when you have made the investment, and let me know how
it has changed your life too.

Last chance to claim your exclusive package:

Adwords Miracle Guide


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